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How much does a Gas Fire Cost to run?

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25/02/2013 09:29:00

Fireplaces are a stylish feature for any home, adding a real focal point to living rooms and bedrooms alike.

When investing in a new gas fire for your home it makes sense to consider the costs that this new installation may add to your monthly heating bill. Thankfully you don't need to be an Albert Einstein to work it all out!

Your fireplace options

Before opting for a gas fire, it makes sense to quickly consider the other options open to you.

Electric fires are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK due to the ease in which they can be operated – you have warmth at the flick of a switch, something that is particularly attractive for those looking to install a fire in the home of an older person who may struggle to comfortably use the functionality of a more fiddly gas fire.

Electric fires often come nowadays with an LED screen that can mimic a flame-effect, helping them appear a lot more authentic.

However this type of appliance is not for everyone and if you are still dead set on having the real thing the good news is that there is an array of gas fires out there that are able to offer this at a great price.

Gas Fire Costs

Gas Fire Operation Costs

If you are trying to establish exactly how much a new gas fire could add to your heating bills then there is an easy way to work this out. In order to do this you will need to find the following details for your fireplace:

  • Gas Input: this figure will be listed in the product information for your fire. It dictates the amount of fuel energy that is used in one hour of the fire being used.

  • Cost of gas per unit: see your gas bill or contact your gas supplier for details of how much 1 unit of gas currently costs you.

To work out how much you will roughly be paying for your gas fire, you simply follow the following mathematical formula:

Gas Input x Cost of Gas = Cost of running Gas fire per hour

e.g. 8kW x 5p =  40p per hour

Other factors such as the efficiency of the fire and the level of insulation in your home can also pay a part in determining how much your gas fire will cost over the course of the year, however this simple equation certainly gives you a rough ball park figure to work with when assessing what gas fire you are going to purchase.

Where to buy?

Direct Heating Supplies sell a broad range of Gas and Electric fires at a great price – delivery is free on all order over £200 too.

Browse the full range of fires available today.

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