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  • Spring Clean Your Central Heating System

    It wouldn’t be Spring without a big Spring clean and today the term ‘Spring clean’ is synonymous with a deep clean of a home or room. MORE >>

  • How to Tackle Home Limescale

    What is Limescale?
    Limescale is the by-product of mineral deposits found in hard water, the most common mineral to cause limescale being calcium carbonate. So where can I expect to find limescale? Pesky limescale can be found in a number of locations around the home adversely affecting home appliances, heating systems, pipe work and even affecting the ease of cleaning. MORE >>

  • It’s an Egg-cellent Time to Replace Radiators

    With spring and summer coming it’s an excellent time to start home improvements and looking after your heating system. MORE >>

  • Why Are My Radiators Cold At The Bottom?

    When many people go to check their radiators ready for the colder months they are often met with radiators which are less than efficient, not as warm as they used to be or cold at the bottom. A common cause for radiators not heating up enough and being cold at the bottom while still warm at the top is due to the build-up of sludge, this results in a restricted flow of water around the radiator.
    MORE >>

  • Fernox: Makes Water Work

    For many in the industry, Fernox is the go-to name for water treatment chemicals and filters. MORE >>

  • Free £20 M&S Giftcard on all Vaillant EcoTEC Purchases

    At Direct Heating Supplies we are currently running a fantastic new February promotion for those looking to purchase a brand new A-rated Vaillant EcoTEC boiler. MORE >>

  • Nest Thermostat Review

    The third generation Nest hit the UK shelves in early 2016 and has been enjoyed by homeowners across the country ever since.  MORE >>

  • The Importance of Getting Your Boiler Serviced

    When it comes to looking after your boiler, just like a car it is important to have it serviced to ensure its safety and efficiency. Even though boiler negligence can be dangerous and make it rather expensive to heat your home, it isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s minds, with only a small percentage of people having their boiler serviced regularly. Take a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to maintaining and servicing your boiler. MORE >>

  • How to avoid a house fire this winter with our home safety heating tips

    During the winter months it is important to keep your home warm, not only to keep you comfortable but to also keep you well. Unfortunately home heating equipment is one of the leading causes for domestic fires over the winter months.  MORE >>

  • The Best Internet Thermostats of 2017

    A great thermostat can really compliment a new heating system, however deciding which one is best for your home can be a challenge. When it comes to thermostats there are many types to choose from, the most recent to the market being internet thermostats. MORE >>

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