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  • Keeping Your Boiler Healthy

    December has passed, and if there’s ever a month that is notorious for people trying to be as healthy as they can to make up for the indulgence of the festive period, it would be January. MORE >>

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  • 2018 Boiler Guide

    At Direct Heating Supplies we know that purchasing a boiler can be a rather daunting task, that is why we have put together a 2018 boiler guide to help you make a fully informed choice on your new boiler. MORE >>

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  • Thermostat guide 2018

    In the age of talking robots, and cars that drive themselves, thermostat a bit behind the times, however, some big enhancements have been made to thermostats to bring them into the 21st century. One of the major improvements made to thermostats in the last few years has helped, to improve usage and make life easier for you to monitor and maintain a set temperature within the home.
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  • New Year, New You, New Boiler

    The new year is Fast approaching, which can mean different things for everyone; setting those new years resolutions about becoming a better person, finish decorating the home, or taking up a new hobby, which will inevitably be broken a few weeks later!
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  • The Dangers of Fitting a Boiler Yourself

    Sometimes when you own your own home or property, it can be easy to get caught up in the joys of DIY and home renovations. MORE >>

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  • How Does Hard Water Affect Your Central Heating System

    Within the UK, the type of water that runs through your pipes can vary based on the mineral content of the water this can include calcium and magnesium. With hard water containing large quantities of these particles, and soft water containing the least. MORE >>

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  • How to Balance a Radiator

    Are you finding that some of the radiators in your home heat up more than others, you have the odd cold spot and the general heat distribution throughout your home is less than consistent. MORE >>

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  • Signs You May Need a New Boiler

    With routine care and maintenance, a boiler can go on to heat your home for many years without any problems. MORE >>

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  • How to Prevent Condensation & Damp Using Your Heating

    Mould and dampness in your home can be a worrying problem. It can cause unsightly marks on walls and around windows, making rooms feel cold as well as being harmful to your health. MORE >>

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  • Gas Safety Week is Coming

    First launched in 2011, Gas Safety Week is still in its relative infancy however support for this national campaign has grown each year, with organisations of all shapes and sizes coming together to keep our nation safe.

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