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  • Gas Safety Week is Coming

    First launched in 2011, Gas Safety Week is still in its relative infancy however support for this national campaign has grown each year, with organisations of all shapes and sizes coming together to keep our nation safe.

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  • Boiler Maintenance Advice

    Just like technological devices and other home equipment, boilers needs to be maintained to hold their efficiency and high performance levels.
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  • Alternative Ways to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

    There are many ways to keep your home warm, some a little more conventional and commonly used than the others. MORE >>

  • Making the most of a small bathroom space

    When space is limited in your bathroom, design is key for making the most of what you have. It may at times feel like you’re piecing together an intricate puzzle trying to make all of your fittings fit however carefully designing your bathroom does pay dividends in the long-run.

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  • Pros and cons of an LPG boiler.

    LPG boilers are known for their efficiency but do too have some drawbacks. Whilst it can be confusing to choose your fuel type, it is much easier when you break down the pros and cons. MORE >>

  • Are you eligible to claim a boiler grant?

    You may have recently heard of the addition of the ECO scheme, allowing some to obtain a free or heavily subsidised boiler replacement. Here are some FAQs to explain how this can be accessed. MORE >>

  • What to do in The Event of a Gas Leak

    Experiencing a gas leak in your home or property can be extremely dangerous if not dealt with swiftly. Gas can pose a serious threat to one’s health and is extremely flammable, therefore it is vital you know what to do if you have a gas leak in or around your property. MORE >>

  • Replacing your boiler

    Replacing your boiler can be a costly venture and it’s therefore paramount that your new boiler is right for your home and heating requirements. MORE >>

  • Choosing a Gas or Electric Fire

    Introducing an electric or gas fire to your home can really bring a homely touch to your living space. Whether it be a stove, electric or gas fire, many people would agree that there is nothing more rewarding than spending time relaxing and warming up next to the fire during a cold winters evening. MORE >>

  • Hot Water Not Working?

    Whilst a cold shower in the morning may be the norm for some, for most it’ll send cold shivers quite literally down one’s spine! MORE >>

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