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The OWL Intuition CW: What’s in the Box?

The following article was written by Stacey, a Direct Heating Supplies customer who is currently enjoying the benefits of an OWL Intuition CW, a wireless internet controlled thermostat that gives homeowners the power to control exactly when and how their central heating operates.

owl-thermostatFind out why Stacey purchased the OWL Intuition CW and what kit was included as standard...

"Having had our existing wireless programmable thermostat go on the blink over the Christmas period, I looked into modernising our central heating system. What with seeing adverts on the TV for British Gas’ Hive system and seeing other controllers online, I thought I would look into sourcing one for our home.

We are a very tech savvy household, we have a connected “smart” Tv, a Sonos streaming music system in a couple rooms and the now staple computing gadgets like ipad and iphones.  It made sense (to me anyway) to look to getting our home itself “connected”. We therefore decided to seriously consider adding an internet controlled heating device to our home.

We have a Combi boiler in the house, up in the loft, and our old controller worked wirelessly with it from down in the hallway.  After looking through the range and offering available online, which I won’t bore you with now, we settled on the OWL Intuition CW.  
The OWL system ticked all the right boxes; it looked great and sounded like an easy way to control our heating  over the web. The reviews online where also overwhelmingly positive which helped to silent any doubts.

We shopped around and bought the OWL thermostat at a great price from Direct Heating Supplies. The unit itself arrived quicker than expected within 2 days of placing my order – we then had to arrange for someone to come and fit it.

The OWL intuition CW came with several components:

sensorThe Relay
More commonly known as the receiver; its hard wired into your boiler and is basically a clever switch which turns the boiler on or off.

This bit of kit receives information from the rest of your system to simply turn the boiler on or off.

The Sensor
sensorThis is your thermostat, this can be mounted anywhere in your house. It’s battery powered and monitors the temperature of the room it is in. Ours simply replaced our old thermostat in the hallway.

It does come with 3 push button controls that override your standard internet settings (so for example, if I’m popping out for an hour I can turning my heating off as I leave the house).

owl-gatewayThe Gateway
This is the unit which you connect to your broadband router. It talks to your sensor and this then informs how the relay receiver behaves – it’s basically the brains of the system.  All the units sync together and pair up to complete the system."

To find to out more about how the OWL was installed in my home, click here.

Find out more...

The OWL Intuition CW is just one of the options available for those looking for an internet controlled thermostat, with a wired version also available for use with Combi boilers. There are also a range of OWL devices for homes that have a boiler that uses a hot water tank. Browse the full OWL intuition range now.

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