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Worcester 29CDi Combi Boiler Review

Worcester Bosch have added 3 new state-of-the-art Combi Boiler models to their already extensive boiler range. In this article we will be looking at the specification of the 29CDi Combi Boiler model and seeing how it differs from Worcester’s previous boiler models.

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The new Greenstar Classic series consists of the Greenstar 29CDi Classic Natural Gas Combi Boiler, the Greenstar 34CDi Classic Natural Gas Combi Boiler and the Greenstar 38CDi Classic Natural Gas Combi Boiler.

What has changed?

The 29CDi Combi Boiler is a direct replacement for the previous 27CDi boiler model.

The 27CDi boiler model is one of Worcester’s most popular boilers, so it is important those looking to purchase the new model know what has changed.

Key features of the 29CDi Combi Boiler

The launch of the 29CDi boiler means customers can now take advantage of the latest technological advances to ensure you get vastly improved performance levels and increased in efficiency.The 29CDi boiler benefits from:

Improved Flow rate & Heating Output:

The biggest and most obvious improvement is in the heating output and flow rates of the boiler from the 27CDi model specification.

The 29CDi Combi Boiler has a heating output of 30kW and an improved flow rate of 12.3 litres per minute at a 35 degree temperature rise.

As a SEDBUK band A-rated boiler that operates at an efficiency level of over 90.1% you can rest safe in the knowledge that your boiler is environmentally friendly. If you are moving from an old non-condensing boiler this could see you make a saving of between 20-30% off your monthly heating bills.

Electrical output reduction:

Worcester-Bosch have reduced the standby electrical output by a massive 60%. The Boiler therefore operates at just 3.5W when on standby. This means a more energy efficient source of heating and hot water, whilst reducing energy bills.


The 29CDi Combi Boiler has a stylish, modern design. This means you can hang the boiler in your property safe in the knowledge that it will look great.

The wall mounting frame also allows you to hide pipework from view.

One fantastic new design feature is the new magnetic catch, which makes it much easier for you to open and close the boiler cover when changing the hot water and central heating settings.

High Efficiency:

Running at an efficiency level of 90.1%, the 29CDi boiler is in the SEDBUK band ‘A‘ category – the highest energy effici3ency category available. The boiler is also registered with the Energy Saving Trust.

Low gas emissions:

The 29Cdi is an environmentally friendly boiler that emits low levels if Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).


The 29CDi comes with a 2 year guarantee from Worcester as standard. However, if you purchase your 29CDi boiler from Direct Heating Supplies and register it with Worcester before 31 December 2012 then you can add an additional 3 years to this and enjoy a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

This includes a 10 year guarantee on the primary heat exchanger as well as a 5 year anti-scale guarantee on domestic hot water heat exchanger (subject to terms and conditions).

Easy to use controls:

You can control the hot water and central heating temperature with ease using the new, improved boiler interface. The 29CDi is compatible with all mechanical, digital and new generation intelligent controls.

This makes it even easier to get hot water when you need it.

Multi-directional fluing:

You have more flexibility in where the boiler is installed as it is compatible with horizontal and vertical flue kits.