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27 Inch Immersion Heater All Incoloy 181332
27 Inch Immersion Heater All Incoloy 181332
27 Inch Immersion Heater All Incoloy 181332

27 Inch Immersion Heater All Incoloy 181332

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Item Code: 181332
Expected Delivery:  1 - 2 working days
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Additional Information

Brand Tesla
Lead Time 1 - 2 working days
Product Type Immersion Heater
Manufacturer Part No: TIH650


Tesla All incoloy Immersion Heater - 27 Inch

Suitable for use in domestic Hot Water Storage Cylinders, the Tesla All Incoloy immersion heater is best suited for hard water water areas (For soft water areas, use a copper Immersion Heater). With compliance with EN60 335-2-73 and BEAB Approval, the Tesla Incoloy Immersion Heater is the perfect choice for domestic applications.

Unlike cheaper Incoloy Immersion Heaters, the Tesla All Incoloy Immersion Heater is, as the name suggests, entirely manufactured from Incoloy to ensure minimal corrosion and scale buildup in hard water areas.

  • Size - 27 Inches
  • Material - Incoloy
  • Output - 2.7kW/230V, 3kW/240V

It is recommended that the cylinder is foam insulated, or fitted with a tank jacket. Please note that an incorrectly fitted tank jacket can lead to faulty calibration of the thermostat and potentially cause a fire hazard.

The thermostat in this unit features an additional control in order to comply with new regulations. The over temperature cut out mechanism prevents excessive temperatures incase the normal sensing device fails. In the event of this occurring, the over temperature device will limit the temperature, preventing the heater from raising water temperature over 97 degrees celsius. It's worth noting that if this device is found to be operating often then a qualified electrician may be required to ascertain the root of the issue.

It's imperative that you check which size Immersion Heater you require before ordering and installation, as incorrect sizing can lead to a large percentage of water being left unheated (An 11" heater used in a 36" cylinder can lead to only 30-40% of the water being heated).

Below is a recommendation of which size you may need:

  • Combination Cylinder - 11",14" or 18" Heaters
  • 900mm x 450mm Cylinders - 27" Heaters
  • 1050mm x 450mm - 27", 30" or 36" Heaters

Here at Direct Heating Supplies we stock a wide range of Hot Water Cylinders and Immersion Heaters available at the best prices with the quickest delivery times.