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Alpha Combi Boilers

Alpha is recognised throughout the UK as one of the heating industry’s leading lights – a company, with many years’ experience, that successfully combines traditional business values with a highly innovative approach to all aspects of its operation.

Alpha combi boilers can be trusted to deliver superior levels of performance. Convenient, compact, and reliable, they make the ideal choice for homes that have a high demand for hot water, as they have the ability to source hot water to multiple taps at once.

At Direct Heating Supplies we offer a wide range of Alpha combi boilers. Our Alpha combi boilers incorporate a water heater and central heating, making the system an all-in-one compact unit. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains when you turn on a tap, so there is no requirement for a hot water storage cylinder or a cold-water storage tank in the roof space.

The Direct Heating Supplies collection of Alpha combi boilers provide exceptional levels of efficiency at a low price.

Please note all boiler purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

Boilers do not come with a flue, flues can be purchased separately here.

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Alpha Combi Boiler Overview:

Direct Heating Supplies stock a variety of different Alpha Combi Boiler ranges, from Alpha Gas Saver Top Box Units to Alpha Combi Boiler Flue Packs;

Alpha INTEC 34C LPG ERP Combi Boiler & Flue

The Alpha INTEC 34C LPG ERP Combi Boiler & Flue is a popular choice from the reputable company Alpha. The combination boiler integrates a remarkable user-friendly control panel which offers a comprehensive heating and hot water guide. The Alpha INTEC features an integrated gas saver design to retrieve concealed heat from the flue gasses. The reclaimed heat is then used to pre-heat water coming into the boiler helping to reduce the boilers workload as well as reduce its fuel consumption.

Alpha ETec Plus 28 Combi Boiler 3.028466

The Alpha ETec Plus 28 Combi Boiler 3.028466 is the new addition to the Alpha ETec range. The combi boiler is compact with many beneficial features including a stainless-steel heat exchanger making it the perfect boiler. The Alpha ETec Plus 28 Combi Boiler 3.028466 also boasts Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion and copper pipe tails with isolation valves, integrated filling loop control panel and bottom cover.

Alpha Gas Saver Top Box Unit 6.2002000

No maintenance required, simple installation and silent operation. The Alpha Gas Saver Top Box Unit makes an ideal method for improving your heating systems energy efficiency. The Alpha Gas Saver Top Box Unit is placed discretely above your existing Alpha Boiler and works by extracting heat from the waste gasses which is then recycled into the boiler to preheat the cold mains water. By incorporating the Alpha Gas Saver Unit, you can save on average up to 35% more energy, meaning less money spent on hot water and heating bills.

Alpha Flowsmart Gas Saver 25 Litre Pack 6.200325

Integrating an Alpha Flowsmart Gas Saver 25 Litre Pack allows you to use your heating system more efficiently. Positioned discreetly above the boiler, the Alpha Gas Saver Unit extracts heat from the waste gases and recycles it into the boiler to preheat the cold mains water before it enters the boiler. The water is then stored in the 25-litre thermal store for later usage. This means you benefit from both a combi and system boiler in one energy efficient package.

Alpha E-Tec 28 boiler and Flue Pack

Alpha boilers in the E-Tec range are the latest addition that Alpha have added to their extensive high-quality boiler range. The Alpha E-Tec 28 Boiler and Flue Pack features a brand-new stainless-steel heat exchanger, which allows the boiler to work as efficiently as possible. The Alpha E-Tec 28 Boiler and Flue Pack comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which demonstrates the high reliability standard that is expected from the product.