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Flues & Accessories

Your boiler's flue is an integral component and accessory to your heating system. The boiler flue acts as a chimney for your system, where it allows steam to escape and means that there won’t be a build-up of Carbon Monoxide within your home.

All of the flues we provide on Direct Heating Supplies are produced directly from the manufacturing brand, so you can be sure of the authenticity of the product and that the products would be produced at the highest possible standard from the respected brand.

With a wide variety of high-quality brands available to purchase on Direct Heating Supplies, you can be sure to find the right boiler flue for you and your boiler. We are able to provide both horizontal and vertical flues produced by some of the most esteemed heating companies at fantastic rates.

Along with providing a wide variety of fantastic flues, we are also able to provide the very best in reliable boiler flue accessories.

Boiler flues are designed to be more efficient when they are connected to a boiler that has also been produced by the same brand. This is where the boiler has been designed specifically with their particular style of boiler in mind, leaving your heating system operating as smooth as possible.

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All of these products have been produced to maximise your boilers efficiency and to make sure your heating’s output is at the highest level possible.

Order your boiler flue or boiler flue accessory from Direct Heating Supplies today for a fantastic delivery service, with free delivery on all orders over £50 excluding VAT.