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Copper Cylinders

At Direct Heating Supplies, we provide a wide selection of copper cylinders leading brands within the industry.

Cooper cylinders are manufactured from copper and cocooned in a foam insulating layer, copper cylinders are great at retaining heat, making them the perfect choice for heating, and storing hot water in most domestic properties.

We stock a range of direct and indirect copper cylinders, allowing you to select the right cylinder for your existing central heating system. The type of copper cylinder you'll need - direct or indirect - will depend on whether you need the water in the cylinder to be heated 'directly' by the cylinder itself or an external appliance such as a boiler or solar panels.

Please note all cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line. Any incorrectly purchased hot water cylinder that you wish to return will involve a restocking fee and expensive carriage charges.

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What is the difference between indirect and direct?

Hot water cylinders are popular in the larger home for households with a high hot water demand and usage. Constructed from high quality and durable stainless steel or copper, hot water cylinders ensure longevity for a variety of domestic and commercial uses. Vented hot water cylinders rely on a feeder tank to provide it with mains fed cold water. This water is then heated and is distributed to the hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers) as part of a gravity led system. Vented cylinders tend to be used alongside regular boiler installations, whereas unvented cylinders are commonly used with system boiler installations.

What are Copper Cylinders?

Copper hot water cylinders are mostly found in the larger house where people have a high demand for hot water. Constructed from high quality and durable copper, copper hot water cylinders are designed with longevity in mind.

How do Copper Cylinders work?

Copper hot water cylinders are able to store a large capacity of hot water. There are two types of copper hot water cylinders, direct vented and indirect vented. Indirect copper hot water cylinders rely on a feeder tank which provides it with cold water from the mains. The water is then heated within the cylinder and distributed through outlets such as taps and showers. Indirect vented copper hot water cylinders work alongside a regular boiler which feeds hot water to the cylinder.

What are my choices of Copper Cylinders?

At Direct Heating Supplies we sell a range of indirect copper cylinders and indirect copper cylinders by the UK’s top two manufacturers Albion and Telford.

Albion Copper Cylinders

Albion Water Heaters is part of Kingspan Hot Water Systems who manufacture a variety of water heating products. Mainly domestic and industrial hot water cylinders in unvented Duplex stainless steel and open vented copper units. They are all built to the highest possible standards with a focus on being environmentally friendly. Albion copper cylinders have been designed to provide reliable hot water storage solutions to domestic properties at an affordable price. Manufactured from copper and sealed in a foam insulation to ensure the heated water retains its heat, Albion’s copper cylinders are the perfect choice for domestic vented hot water systems. At Direct Heating Supplies we sell a wide range of Albion copper cylinders, indirect and direct, with many sizes available to suit your home. To view the full range click here.

Telford Copper Cylinders

Telford is a family run business which began trading in 1989 from the premises it still occupies today in the busy town of Telford. Telford are one of the biggest UK manufacturers of a broad range of copper cylinders. Telford’s flagship copper cylinder range consists of their Tempest and Tornado range of cylinders which are manufactured to the highest possible standards, using duplex stainless steel. At Direct Heating Supplies, we sell a wide range of Telford copper cylinders in a wide variety of sizes to withhold up to large capacities of hot water. View our Telford copper cylinder range here.

Purchase your copper cylinder today from Direct Heating Supplies and benefit from outstanding customer service from one of the UK’s leading plumbing and heating retailers. Spend over £50 exc vat or more to be eligible for free delivery.

Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.