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Fernox is a leading manufacturer of plumbing consumables, water treatment chemical products and central heating system filters designed to ensure optimal efficiency of your boiler and central heating system. 

Dirty or sluggish heating systems use more gas to run and are one of the most common reasons why boiler breakdowns occur. Boiler manufacturers may also refuse to cover damage caused by dirty central heating systems, meaning repairs can be costly. Fernox, quite literally, "makes water work" with a range of innovative products designed to extend the life of your boiler and maintain your central heating system.

Established over 50 years ago, Fernox is one of the most recognised and trusted water treatment brands and have a long history of manufacturing exceptional products and water treatment chemicals that will make your boiler and central heating system perform better and last longer. 

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Why Choose Fernox:

  • Over 40 years of product experience
  • Award winning
  • Products can be used with all major boiler manufacturers
  • Product quality assurance
  • Fernox products are manufactured to ISO 14001 environmental quality standard
  • Products are Eco-friendly and have a high biodegradability
  • The use of Fernox products can create significant energy savings and a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions

  • Explore Fernox

    Find out more about how Fernox products can benefit your home and central heating system. As you can see below, without the use of a magnetic filter or water treatment chemicals, corrosion is prone to build up, causing damage to your boiler.