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Combi Boilers

combi boilers

All the gas combi boilers listed on this page are A-rated when it comes to efficiency. They rely on a connection to the mains gas grid to generate the heat and hot water within the property. 

Combi boilers use the mains water pressure to supply both hot water and heating upon demand - this removes the need to have bulky kit like tanks or cylinders, something that is very popular for homes which don't have an abundance of space!

Please note all boiler purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line

Not sure what combi boiler you need? Read our combi boiler reviews to find out how each one can benefit you.

Boilers do not come with a flue, flues can be purchased separately here or you can purchase a boiler pack which includes your boiler and flue or boiler, flue and timer.

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Combination boilers (commonly referred to as Combi boilers) are the most popular heating appliance in UK homes, providing hot water for appliances like your taps, showers and your central heating radiators. There are many reasons for the popularity of combi boilers - here are our top 5:

1) Hot water on demand: The Combi boiler is connected to your mains water supply and heats the water directly. So when you turn on a hot tap or switch your heating on, the water flows through the boiler and heats its built in heating element. This means you have no need to store hot water, as it’s there when you need it!

2) Space saving: There’s no need for additional bulky kit like a hot water cylinder or cold tanks, so you do not need to dedicate as much space to your heating system.

3) Compact in size: Most modern Combi boilers have been built with space as a major consideration. Most are built to fit neatly out of sight in cupboard spacing (a lot of manufacturers develop “Compact” models specifically)

4) Efficient: Almost any Combi boiler manufactured today is built to meet the highest efficiency standards. Moving to an A-rated Combi boiler from a G-rated model has been known to save upwards of £305 a year from your heating bill, so being efficient really can pay!

5) Great value: Combination boilers themselves can be picked up for a great price and the fact you don’t need additional extras (like a tank or cylinder) brings the installation costs right down

What Is A Combi Boiler?

A combination (or combi) boiler is both a high efficiency water heater, and central heating unit. This gives you the chance to heat your home and provide hot water without needing to install a separate water tank. The combi boiler is not only a multi-purpose unit, but is also compact compared to other central heating systems. Within the past few years, the popularity of these boilers has increased, with over 70% of UK households choosing a combi boiler over regular hot water, or system, boilers.

Which Combi Boiler Is Best For You?

You can find combi boilers in a wide scope of sizes and styles. If you want one that is inexpensive, environmentally friendly to save on bills, or simply one to fit in your home, there is a model to perfectly suit your home. When you want your favourite brands, for the best prices, Direct Heating Supplies is the only place you need to check. Before you can decide on which one to buy for your home, there are a few things you must consider:

What Size Do You Need?

The first, and most important, thing you have to consider is the size you need your combi boiler to be. This is usually dependant on the amount of rooms you have, as well as the size of your home. You will need to look for a unit that is not only the perfect size for your home, but will also be as cost efficient as possible when it comes to paying your energy bill

If you are unsure as to which combi boiler will be the best for your budget, speak to one of the knowledgeable members of the support team at Direct Heating Supplies. We are here for you 24 hours for your convenience!

What Efficiency Rating Should The Combi Boiler Be?

Something else to consider is the effectiveness of your new combi boiler. All boilers are appraised on a productivity scale running from A to G. Those with an evaluation of A are the most energy proficient. It has been recently announced by the European Union that boilers not graded an A will no longer pass standards. When you buy your unit with us, you have an excellent selection of energy efficient combi boilers with an A rating, that can be perfect for any home.

The selection of extremely energy efficient combi boilers we have will convert more of the gas you pay for into usable heat. this will not only save you money, but reduce the carbon footprint you leave on the environment.

How Much Money Can You Spend?

Cost is an important factor when buying your combi boiler. You need to budget accordingly, and find a unit that will suit your needs, while sitting comfortably in your price range. However, you do not want to buy a boiler that will not perform as well as you need it to because you cannot afford a better one.

Luckily for you, we have the best prices for your combi boilers! Purchasing your boiler from Direct Heating Supplies means that you are not going to spend more than you can afford for your unit. You are guaranteed to find a boiler you love, at a price you can afford.

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To A Combi Boiler?

The most popular type of boiler in the UK did not get that title without reason. With plenty of features making the lives of homeowners much more simple, there are plenty of benefits associated with combi boilers. Some of the most important advantages to buying a combi boiler are:

Save Some Space - Without the need for a bulky water tank cylinder, and massive storage container, you have plenty of space in your home.These units are compact and capable machines that can easily fit into your kitchen cupboard. Whether you have a smaller home, or you just do not want to have a lot of unnecessary space taken up by conventional heating systems, the size of these boilers is ideal.

Faster Heat Up Time- Buying a combi boiler means that you no longer have to wait for your water tank to heat up properly before use. Now, you can have an unlimited supply of hot water the second you need it. The durable and reliable technology allows these boilers to adapt to what you need without constantly switching on and off. This gives you a smoother, quicker, function, that provides a greater sense of reliability.

Quicker Installation With Lowered Fees- With a combi boiler, you have less parts and pipes than you would with a regular central heating system, because they usually tend to arrive practically pre-assembled. When installing the unit, the process is generally direct, and much easier, because there is no tank to worry about. We know that your time is important, which is why we know that you will benefit from spending less time installing your combi boiler will be a breeze.

Better, And More Consistent, Water Pressure- Since combi boilers use water straight from the mains, the pressure you have in your home will remain high, no matter what. You can have an extended shower, or an increased use, with hot water being fed through practically instantly. There will be no need to worry about having a pump for your hot showers if you buy a combi boiler from Direct Heating Supply. We have the tools and the support you need to ensure you can have the most from your boiler.

Giving You An Added Sense Of Convenience- Combi boilers are anything but difficult to get used to. The majority of models will come with an integral clock, allowing you to set your central heating to turn on or off whenever you need it to. This is ideal not only for adding comfort to your home, but also saving you on your energy bills, so you do not overuse your system. There is a separate control for adjusting the temperature on your central heating and hot water, to increase the comfort levels in your home.

Everything You Need In One Package- All that is needed to give your radiators, water, or taps heat is incorporated into the boiler casing. You will not need to make room in any spot of your home in order to fit a combi boiler inside. Without the need for a hot water storage cylinder or central heating pump, you will not need to worry about finding and replacing small parts.

Bringing You The Top Names In Boilers- When you choose Direct Heating Supplies, you are choosing a dedicated company, looking to give you only the best names in the UK, for even better prices. We have a wide range of combi boilers from:

  • Baxi
  • Glow Worm
  • Ideal
  • Valliant
  • Vokera
  • Worcester

  • Among our selection are the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe, and the UK, each one with several models available. Whether you need a certain style, power output, or size, we have the combi boiler that meets your requirements. The boilers we carry are ErP compliant, to meet the manufacture criteria established by the European Union, ensuring that all boilers now operate on an A-rating efficiency level.

    Are There Any Downfalls To Combi Boilers?

    The main weakness these boilers have is related to the output of hot water. If you want to have a strong supply of hot water at your disposal, you will need to have a satisfactory supply of cold water available. If you have multiple outlets including showers or taps using hot water, you may experience a reduced flow from each. This will only happen if there is a dwindling amount of cold water available. The power of your combi boiler is also a factor of this possible pressure change.

    If the water supply in the mains is not sufficient or you have sudden pressure adjustments then you may not benefit from switching to a combi boiler. Consequently you may find that your shower, such as some types of pump assisted or multi-jet, is not compatible with these units. Other disadvantages of combi boilers include:

    Increased Reliance On Mains Pressure- The pressure from your mains must be substantial in order for your combi boiler to work properly. If you do not currently have this system, and are getting a new boiler fitted for your home, take the time to check your mains pressure. Once this is done, you will have a better understanding as to whether or not this is the best system for you.

    Lack Of Immersion Heater- On the chance your combi boiler does not work, you will be left without hot water until you have a solution. Our products all come with a manufacturer's warranty, and our trained staff are here to help you every step of the way. We are here to make sure you have the best boiler for your home.

    Is A Combi Boiler Right For You?

    Depending on the type of system you currently have, as well as your current fixtures, the listed disadvantages may not apply to you. The best way to find out is by quickly calling our professionals, to see if we have a combi boiler to fit with your home. Our call centre is open 24 hours, meaning we are here for you whenever you need us!

    These compact devices are especially popular in smaller homes with less space, but can also be used to make a larger one more efficient. Our prices are just as amazing as our products (if not better), so take a look at what we can offer you.

    With our selection of gas system, gas heat, or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) boilers, we will have the right product for you. If you are not quite sure which one is best for you, feel free to browse our selection, and read reviews, in order to have a better understanding. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our customer support staff, who are always available at your convenience.