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Heating Controls Guide

Heating Controls Guide


Our Heating controls guide looks to give you everything you need to find the heating controls for your home. We discuss the different types of heating controls available and also run through some of the popular models available for different boilers.We also have a staggering array of new internet controlled room thermostats which allow you to control your heating on-the-go! Navigate using the buttons below to find comprehensive reviews and guides on the controls you need! Alternatively, read our clarification of different types of heating controls at the bottom of the page.

What types are there?

Do you know what differentiates a timer from a thermostat? The market for heating controls is vast, and amongst the hundreds of controls available there are different types which offer varying levels of functionality. 

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A timer is the most basic type of available, and generally offer on/off timing options over 24 hours only. For example, if you wanted the heating to come on at 9am and turn off at 8pm each day of the week, a basic timer would be most suitable.

Popular timers include:


A programmer is similar to a timer however it gives you a lot more options in terms of when your heating control operates across the week - you can 'program' when you want the heating to come on within your home. 

The difference between programmers and timers is that a timer operates your heating to the same time period each and every day whereas a programmer allows different heating times for certain days of the week.

Common programmer options include 24 hour, 7 days or 5/2 days (this allows you to program 1 heating setting for the 5 weekdays and 1 heating setting for the weekend).

Programmers tend to have a digital interface, with a simple-to-use interface which allows for a greater level of control over your heating system.

Popular Programmers include:

Room Thermostatsdanfoss timer

Room thermostats are one of the most simple heating devices available, allowing you to control the temperature of your central heating system. 

They usually sit centrally in a hallway or somewhere easily accessible within the property. A room thermostat will not offer any options in terms of automated control but does allow you to control the current temperature - if the boiler is on it will look to operate at the temperature setting stipulated on the thermostat (so you need to turn the dial down to '0' if you want your heating to go off).

Popular Room Thermostats include:

Programmable Thermostathoneywell cmt927

Programmable thermostats are the most popular type of heating control as they allow you to control both when your heating turns on and at what temperature it operates at. 

They offer maximum flexibility and are available with a variety of different standard timing periods including 24 hour and 7 day.

Popular Programmable Thermostats are:

Internet Heating ControlsNest

Internet Enabled Heating Controls are the latest innovation in heating controls.

Once installed, everything is controlled via an app using a device such as a smartphone or a tablet (Or a laptop/PC in some cases). The heating temperature and schedule is then accessable from anywhere in the world providing you have some form of internet access.

Internet Heating Controls include:

For more information, read out guide to internet heating controls. We have all the internet heating controls so if you order through Direct Heating Supplies today you'll enjoy delivery within 1-2 working days in most cases. Delivery is FREE to on all orders over £50 ex VAT.

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