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Ideal Heat Only Boilers

Here at Direct Heating Supplies we sell an extensive range of Ideal Heat Only Boilers alongside all the compatible flues and accessories. The Ideal Heat Only Boiler range offers high efficiency, reliable operation and comes in a range of heating outputs for properties of all sizes. Order your Ideal Heat Only Boiler today to be eligible for FREE delivery. Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

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About Ideal

Founded in 1906, Ideal have been providing the UK with the best quality boilers whilst constantly working to meet ever changing domestic heating needs. Taking boilers from basements to kitchens in the 1920s, through to implementing pioneering high-efficiency technologies, Ideal continually deliver reliable products designed with their customers in mind. Today, Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries. Ideal remain true to their founding principles of quality, innovation and value.

What is a Heat Only Boiler?

Not sure if you have a Combi Boiler or Heat Only Boiler? If you’re changing your old boiler and you have a small expansion tank and a larger cold-water storing cistern in your loft space, you may already have a Heat Only Boiler. Swapping your old heating system to a newer and more efficient one you can benefit from the highest possible levels of efficiency. As an example, moving to an A-rated boiler model has been known to save homeowners up to £300 off their annual gas bill.

The Ideal Logic Heat Only Boiler

The Ideal Logic Heat Only Boiler offers an A-rated performance and is popular for those wanting to take advantage of one of the UKs top boiler brands. The Ideal Logic provides an efficient and reliable heating solution, available in a choice of outputs to suit the size and demand of your property. The Ideal Logic is the ‘Ideal’ choice for new or replacement installations. Suitable for open vent and sealed systems, the Ideal Logic Heat Only Boiler is easy to site and install. Benefiting from no compartment ventilation, compact fit, and a lightweight design means the boiler can be neatly installed out of sight into a standard 300mm deep kitchen cupboard. Capability of modulating down to 4.8kW, the Logic heat is extremely highly efficient and simple to operate thanks to straightforward controls like its clear digital display.

The Ideal Logic Plus Heat Only Boiler

Like the Ideal Logic Heat Only Boiler, only a longer warranty period. Ideal have combined ease of installation with high levels or quality and reliability. The Ideal Logic Plus Heat Only Boiler is part of Ideal’s new ErP range, and is fully compliant with the latest ErP directives which now offer a more economical and efficient boiler which can help you cut down on your energy usage and save up to £300 on your heating and hot water utility bills. Lightweight and easy to site, the Ideal Logic Plus Heaty Only Boiler can be stored either discreetly in your kitchen cupboard or as a standalone wall hung system without decorating your kitchen interior as the Ideal Logic benefits from a contemporary style and finish.

Order your Ideal Logic Heat Only Boiler today to be eligible for FREE delivery.
Please see Ideal’s Terms and Conditions for more information on their warranty.

Direct Heating Supplies also sell a range of Ideal Spare Parts, Thermostats and Timers.