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Indirect Unvented Cylinders

Free Delivery on Indirect Unvented CylindersIndirect Cylinders rely on external appliances to apply the necessary heat to the cylinder – this in turn generates the hot water that is stored, or also used as a backup if the main heat source fails. The water is “indirectly” heated by other appliances, this is typically a boiler but may also include a solar panel installation.Indirect cylinders tend to be able to generate hot water more quickly than its direct counterpart and are either vented or unvented (this determines how the water is distributed across the property to the hot water outlets such as showers & taps).

In unvented cylinder models the mains water pressure is used to distribute the hot water around your property for use at your hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers). Unvented cylinders are commonly used as part of a system boiler installation as this enables you to take advantage of the high pressure water supply. If you have limited space in your loft then you will also be pleased to hear that unvented cylinders take up less space than vented cylinders as no feeder tank is required.

Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

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