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Indirect Vented Cylinders

Indirect - Indirect Cylinders rely on external appliances to apply the necessary heat to the cylinder – this in turn generates the hot water that is stored, or also used as a backup if the main heat source fails. The water is “indirectly” heated by other appliances, this is typically a boiler but may also include a solar panel installation.

A heat exchanger within the cylinder transfers heat from the external appliance (i.e. boiler) to the water in the cylinder. Some indirect cylinders may contain immersion heaters that enable the cylinder to add additional heat to the hot water that is stored. For this reason indirect cylinders tend to be able to generate hot water more quickly than its direct counterpart and are either vented or unvented (this determines how the water is distributed across the property to the hot water outlets such as showers & taps).

Vented - Vented hot water cylinders rely on a feeder tank to provide it with mains fed cold water. This water is then heated and is distributed to the hot water outlets (i.e. taps, showers) as part of a gravity led system.

Vented cylinders tend to be used alongside regular boiler installations, whereas unvented cylinders are commonly used with system boiler installations.

At Direct Heating Supplies we have a range of Vented Indirect Hot Water Cylinders available at fantastic low prices.

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