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Megaflo Cylinders

Megaflo cylindersFor a high efficiency hot water heater solution then look no further than our range of Megaflo cylinders from Heatrae Sadia.

HeatRae produce a wide variety of Megaflo cylinders including vented and unvented models as well as cylinders for both direct or indirect heating systems. With cyoinders ranging from 70 litres all the way up to 300 litres, you're bound to find one that meets the requirements of your home.

Order your cheap Megaflo Cylinders from Direct Heating Supplies today forspeedy free delivery in most cases.

Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

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What size Megaflo cylinder do I need?

Selecting a hot water cylinder with the appropriate storage capacity is probably what most customers purchasing a Megaflo cylinder will be concerned with. Thankfully you can rest assured that there will be a suitable cylinder model for your home within the Heatrae Megaflo series, with properties of all sizes with differing levels of hot water demand well catered for.

There are 70 litre cylinders for smaller bedsit properties and properties with 1 bathroom may be worth looking for a Megaflo cylinder with a capacity of between 125 litres to 210 litres (the exact cylinder capacity needed will depend on the number of bedrooms and whether the cylinder is a direct or indirect model).

At the larger end of the scale, the Megaflo cylinder range provides cylinders with ample storage of between 250 - 300 litres . These are suitable for 4-5 bedroom properties with 1-2 bathrooms , but once again the exact model you need will differ depending on whether the cylinder is a direct or indirect model.

We always advise that those looking to fit a new hot water cylinder discuss their requirements with a qualified heating engineer first, however the table above (which has been provided by Heatrae themselves) provides a useful starting point.