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Mira Showers

Mira showers

With a massive selection of different shower types available from Mira, you won't struggle to find a suitable shower for use in your bathroom. There's electrics showers, mixer showers, thermostatic showers and power showers - so something for everyone!

Here at Direct Heating Supplies we have a massive choice of stylish Mira Showers available at low prices, delivered to your door for absolutely free!


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Each of the Mira showers that we sell on our website is listed below. You can browse by shower model or use the handy filters on the left hand side to find the precise Mira showers that best meet your requirements.

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Types of Mira Mixer Shower:

Mira’s mixer showers come in different shapes and sizes. We outline the 5 different types of Mira shower below.

EV (Exposed variable)
The Mira mixer shower control unit is fixed to the wall exterior. The shower itself comes with a showerhead, hose, clamp, bracket and slide bar. Some models may also come with a soap dish included.

BIR (Built-in-Rigid)
The Mira shower controls and showerhead are both built into the wall (hidden away). BIR showers boast a modern “minimalistic” look as there is no hose or slide bar, with all of the shower connections sitting behind the wall.

BIV (Built-in Variable)
Similar to the Built-in-Rigid (BIR) showers, the shower control is built into the wall. The difference is that the shower has a right-angled hose connector and slide bar with showerhead and hose on the outside of the wall (not hidden away). The BIV is a half-way house between an EV and BIR shower model. Some models have a soap dish too.

ER (Exposed Rigid)
With an Exposed Rigid shower the is no requirement for a shower hose. The Mira shower’s control and showerhead are both wall mounted and the design means the shower has a single riser bar which also contains the showers controls.

ERD (Exposed rigid with diverter)
Very similar to the Exposed Rigid (ER) shows, the ERD model has a single riser bar (containing the showers controls) but gives you the added option to divert to a secondary showerhead for added flexibility.