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Multi Fuel Stoves

Similar in appearance, design and heat output to other types of stoves available on the market multi fuel stoves and solid fuel stoves have the capacity of burning wood, smokeless fuel, coal, wood pellets and even peat so you aren’t restricted to using one type of fuel. Multi Fuel stoves are perfect for those who live in smoke control areas as a selection of smokeless fuels can be used to economically heat the room.

With carefully considered designs, multi fuel stoves are now simple and convenient to clean and maintain. Most of today’s multi fuel stoves available to purchase have riddling grates which allow the user to shake the remaining ash in to the designated ash pan, helping to reduce the time taken to clean out the stove. The use of riddling grates also helps air to successfully circulate around the fuel to maximise heat output and efficiency.

At Direct Heating Supplies we stock a great range of multi fuel stoves from some of the UK’s most trusted manufacturers in a selection of styles and sizes, giving you plenty of choice when finding the right one for your property. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional look for your home we have styles which look perfect in any environment, so you choose a centrepiece for your room while also efficiently heating your home.

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Multi Fuel Stoves Explained:

Unlike other types of stoves multi fuel stoves give the flexibility of using more than one type of fuel depending on the user’s requirements. What stands multi fuel stoves out from other types of stoves is their riddling grates. These allow air to circulate around the burning fuel to maximise the stoves efficiency, helping to keep the stove warmer for longer. To Safely control the fire intensity most multi fuel stoves feature a simple mechanism which can be controlled to let the correct amount of air in to the fire, for a warmer fire simply allow more air in to the stove!

Useful Worcester Bosch Videos:

Take a look at the Worcester Bosch Greenstyle multi-fuel stoves range in both contemporary and traditional designs.

Worcester show you the best way to create and maintain a fire in your stove.

In this short video, Worcester give you tips on the right kind of wood to burn in your stove and also the types of wood to avoid.

What materials can be used?

  • Logs
  • Wooden Pellets
  • Coal (only use coal recommended for use in stoves)
  • Anthracite
  • Peat
  • Smokeless fuels (these must be used for those located in smoke control areas)

  • *Please always consult your multi fuel stove manual for a full list of compatible fuels for your appliance.

    For those located in a smoke controlled zone it is important to use smokeless fuels which are approved by DEFRA. Please visit the DEFRA website for a full list of approved fuels. To find out if you are located in a smoke control area please consult your local council who will be able to provide you with this information.

    What Not to Burn:

    For heating efficiency and home safety never burn the below items in your multi fuel stove:

  • Plastics
  • Damp or unseasoned wood
  • Any material with a high acidity

  • Airwash Technology

    Most multi fuel stoves now feature airwash technology to help reduce dirty and blackened glass. Airwash technology works by bringing a flow of air into the stove from a vent above the glass panel. The air is then immediately forced downwards over the inside of the door. By doing this there is a constant layer of air which covers the glass at all times keeping all gasses and flames away (reducing blackened and dirty glass).

    Installation Advice:

    Before installation we’d recommend speaking to a HETAS qualified installer who will be able to advise on installation and flue requirements. To find a registered installer in your local area please visit the HETAS website for more information.

    Benefit from free UK mainland delivery in as little as 2 to 5 working days when ordered online through Direct Heating Supplies. Kindly note this will be a palletised delivery, for more information please refer to our large items delivery section