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Advantages of installing a new underfloor heating system!

Underfloor heating is becoming a popular trend for heating solutions in today’s new and existing builds. Providing you and your home with comfortable heating, underfloor heating is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious, state-of-the-art heating systems on the market today.

Installing a full underfloor heating system doesn’t cost as much as you may think. At Direct Heating Supplies, we aim to provide you with a broad selection of underfloor heating parts and appliances at an unbeatable price. Are you thinking of installing underfloor heating in your home? In this blog you will find the attractive advantages underfloor heating for your home.

When it comes to purchasing underfloor heating, you have two options, electric or water-based systems. Both provide a radiant and welcoming heat which travels from the floor upwards, for a consistent and efficient warmth. Water-based systems operate from hot water running through the pipes to create heat where as electric systems heat wiring beneath the floor. Now you know how both underfloor heating systems work, you may want to find out how they can benefit your home and save you money!

Advantages of underfloor heating

Energy efficient heat – If you currently heat your house via your radiators, you will notice they do not heat up the entire room. Radiators work by heating the air closest to them first, hence why if you walk into a room far from where the radiator is placed you will notice its much colder than closer to the radiator. This is commonly referred to as cold spots. Unlike radiators, underfloor heating works by heating your home from the floor up throughout the room without leaving any cold spots. In conclusion, this makes underfloor heating a more energy efficient heating solution and can even save you on average 15% on your heating bills.

Low maintenance and effortless to run – Once you have installed your underfloor heating system, you will require little to no maintenance or upkeep. Controlling your underfloor heating temperature is hassle-free like many central heating systems, they operate via the use of a heating control. With a programmable thermostat you can set certain times you would like your underfloor heating to come on and adjust the temperature to whatever you desire!

Compatible with a variety of flooring – When you think of underfloor heating, you may instantly think of tiles and stone floors. Although, this is not the case. Underfloor heating can be installed under a multitude of flooring materials from carpets, wood, laminate and vinyl. Given its flexibility to where it can be installed, underfloor heating is certainly a heating solution available to most homes.

Ideal for homes where space is limited – As all the components required for underfloor heating are ‘under the floor’, this eliminates the need to rely on radiators to keep you warm, freeing up more space within your home.

After reading the many benefits underfloor heating can offer you and your home, it is clear to why it is becoming a trend across many homes today. Now you may be considering installing underfloor heating in your home yourself? We always advise you check with a trained professional before purchasing your items. Click here to view our extensive range of underfloor heating products and an affordably low price.