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Arctic Hayes Products Now Available

Arctic HayesDirect Heating Supplies now have a range of Arctic Hayes products available on their website.

Arctic Hayes Ltd. formed in August 2014, under the merger of Hayes UK and Arctic Products. Bringing Hayes UK and Arctic together creates an exciting and dominant force in the supply of niche consumable products to the heating and plumbing industry.

Hayes UK is a brand well known for specialist safety, testing and servicing products to the plumbing and heating industry. Whilst Arctic Products introduced the world to pipe freezing products.

Key products include the Arctic Spray Starter Kit which is the safe, professional way to extend or repair pipework in minutes, without draining down or turning off the mains.

The Arctic Access Panel range offers a simple, low cost, high quality solution to provide protected openings in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services.

Direct Heating Supplies also now supply the Arctic Hayes Pro Freeze Kit 8-22mm and you are able to use up to 6 freezes per can and can freeze the designated area in as little as 90 seconds.

There are many more Arctic Hayes products on the website for you to purchase. You can see them here.