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How to avoid a house fire this winter with our home safety heating tips

During the winter months it is important to keep your home warm, not only to keep you comfortable but to also keep you well. Unfortunately home heating equipment is one of the leading causes for domestic fires over the winter months. 

We want to help keep your home warm and safe this winter, that is why we have put together some quick tips to help safely heat your home and avoid a fire.

Home Safety Tips

  • Ensure all heating equipment is installed and regularly serviced by a trained professional
  • Never use cooking equipment such as an oven or stove to heat your home
  • Move all flammable items at least 3 feet from used heating equipment such as fire places, portable heaters and stoves.
  • Keep all flammable substances and batteries away from heating equipment
  • Use a guard around your fireplace or heater to stop children coming in to direct contact with them
  • To avoid chimney fires have the fireplace cleaned regularly
  • Minimise the dangers of the unfortunate event of a fire by having a fire alarm installed and testing it monthly
  • Ensure fireplaces and log burners have a screen around them to prevent sparks entering the surrounding area
  • Always follow the unit instructions for all heating devices within your home.
  • Keep close watch on all portable heating devices and switch them off before going to bed

Tips to help keep your home warm

  • Close all windows properly and check the seals are working correctly.
  • Use draft excluders on your doors (top tip - stuffed towels can make quick cheap emergency draft excluders)
  • Use a rug or carpet on hard floors and bare floorboards
  • Shut off any unused rooms in your home to stop cold air circulating around the house
  • Insulate the attic and loft hatch
  • Use thick curtains to keep the heat from escaping out of the house
  • Insulate locations where drafts exist and lots of heat can be lost such as letterboxes and cat flaps
  • Placing tinfoil behind a radiator can prevent heat from escaping out of cold wall and reflect it back in to the rest of the room.

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