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Bank Holiday Upgrades

The August bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to get your home’s DIY and other jobs done. And whilst many of these can be a chore to say the least, consider making your life easier and save money at the same time by improving your heating.

Wi-Fi and Smart Thermostats

Upgrading your current, manual thermostat to a Wi-Fi compatible one will greatly increase your heating efficiency and save you a lot of money each year. Wi-Fi and Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating from your phone whilst on the go.

It allows you to not waste excessive amounts of energy by heating when nobody’s in as it can turn on for when you return home. With many of us going abroad, this is great. You can turn your heating off when you go away and turn it on when you’re coming home so that you don’t return to a freezing cold house!

As we all know, the UK weather is completely unpredictable. We can leave in the morning with nice weather and by the time we get back home, it’s horrific! Being able to control the heating in your home on the fly will mean you get back home to the perfect temperature- windswept or dripping in sweat!

Smart thermostats are just as efficient as they are convenient. They analyse your heating patterns so that they can automatically adjust the temperature depending on whether you are at home, sleeping or out. The latter allows the heat to be reduced when you leave for work and then turn back up prior to your arrival home. If you’re expecting to return home earlier than usual, you can use your phone to turn it back on earlier.

These thermostats also allow independent heating zones to be created. So, if you like your bedroom to be nice and cool when you sleep, but your living room to be nice and cosy whilst lounging in front of the TV, then this is a great feature for you. It’s also perfect if different people like certain temperatures in their room.

With everyday life being so manic, we always forget to check the things that makes our heating system, like the air filter, efficient. The Wi-Fi thermostats send maintenance reminders directly to your phone, so you don’t forget about it; this keeps your system running smoothly.

If you think that these thermostats are great for your household and lifestyle, then you can see the large range on the Direct Heating Supplies website here.

Radiators and Towel Rails

If you’re instead looking to complete more standard DIY jobs, then consider upgrading your radiators. I know we’re only now starting to enjoy some nice weather, but that will quickly change, and the heating will be back on before we know it.

Improving your radiators will ensure that your home is kept lovely and warm this autumn and winter. Direct Heating Supplies have a huge range of radiators and in particular those from Stelrad. We have radiators and towel rails which are perfect for anywhere in your home.

Towel radiators are great for any bathroom as not only do they heat your bathroom, but they also keep your towels warm. This is great for when you step out from the shower and can wrap up in a lovely warm towel! These towel rails come in many shapes and sizes so you will be able to find the right one for your bathroom.

We also have radiators suitable for other rooms like the bedrooms and living room. You can find any design you need for your home’s style, whether that is a standard or panelled designer. Our range of radiators come in classic white or contemporary chrome so you can maintain a sleek, neutral look.

These are just a couple of ways which you can improve and modernise your home. They will both improve your heating and the smart thermostats are a great way of propelling your house into the smart age.