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Best Boilers to Buy in 2015

Boilers are a significant investment for any home, so it's only natural for customers to want to know what the best boiler to buy in 2015 will be. This article hopefully looks to address this query head on.

Note: we have recently written a new guide which covers the new boilers released in 2016. Click the following link to read our 2016 boiler review or please read on for more information about the popular boilers released in 2015.


Constant innovation within the heating industry has seen the introduction of some new & improved product lines from top manufacturers such as Vaillant, Worcester and Baxi in recent years. A lot of these changes have been made with a view to bringing the boilers in line with the new ErP standards due to be released by the EU later in the year.

If you're not an installer, then you're likely in the dark over which boilers are available, let alone which one to choose for your property. If you're wondering what is going to be the best boiler for 2015 then this article should hopefully be of some use! We have looked to summarise what you can expect in the forthcoming year to ensure you get the best and most suitable boiler for your home.



What Will Be the Popular Combi Boiler Models for 2015?

The main manufacturers of Vaillant and Worcester naturally remain popular throughout 2015 thanks to the massive range of reliable high performance boilers that they produce.

"We find that the selection of boilers available from Vaillant is incredibly popular with home owners and installers alike. Homeowners love the level of performance they get from them and installers find them really easy to fit and service. For this reason we reckon that Vaillant boilers will remain right up there as the most popular alongside the likes of Worcester and Ideal in 2015."

Matt Collins - TDL Online (Plumbing & Heating)

28ijunior-boiler-reviewWorcester have recently revised their entire Greenstar series, making it fully ErP compliant (for more info about that please click here),so it's certainly worthwhile ensuring you pick one of these models if you're after a Worcester Bosch boiler.

Baxi, with their new range of EcoBlue boilers featuring the latest innovations, will also be one to keep an eye out for.

This guide looks to make it easier to find a boiler for your home, no matter what the size. Simply answer the question below and click the link that best describes you below to shoot to the relevant part of the page for you.

What size property do you have? 

Note: If you have a regular or system boiler (that using a hot water cylinder or tanks) then we recommend that you seek a boiler recommendation from your installer first, as exact requirements can differ wildly depending on your properties existing setup.


pro-24-reviewLarge Properties

If you have a larger property with 3-4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms then you are likely to have a higher demand for hot water and heating.

To ensure your heating and hot water meets this requirement, you will need a more powerful boiler at the heart of your central heating system, one that can deliver higher heating outputs and stronger flow rates .

Below we have compiled a list of the popular boilers we sell here at Direct Heating Supplies for large properties. Want to find out more? Read our more detailed guide  to combi boilers for larger properties.

Boiler name Product number Max Central Heating Output (kW) Flowrate (litres per minute)
Ideal Logic Plus 35 HE 100422 24.2 14.5
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 832 - new for 2015 0010018354 24 13
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 938 - new for 2015 0010018357 28 15.9
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 838 - new for 2015 0010018356 28 15.9
Worcester Greenstar 38CDi 7738100252 30 16.4
Worcester Greenstar 42CDi 7738100246 30 17.2
Baxi EcoBlue Advance 40 7219518 32 16.4

Medium Sized Properties

If your property has around 2-3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom (maybe an ensuite) then you will probably have a moderate requirement for heating & hot water.

Take a look at the popular boilers below for medium sized properties:


Boiler name Product number Max Central Heating Output (kW) Flowrate (litres per minute)
Worcester Greenstar 28CDi Compact 7733600057 24 11.4
Worcester Greenstar 30i - new for 2015 7733600005 24 12.3
Worcester Greenstar 30Si Compact 7733600052 24 12.3
Ideal Logic Plus 30 HE 204874 24.2 12.4
Worcester Greenstar 32CDi Compact 7733600055 24 13.1
Worcester Greenstar 36CDi Compact 7733600056 24 14.7
Vaillant EcoTec Plus 832 - new for 2015 0010018354 24 12.7
Baxi EcoBlue Advance 33 7219517 28 13.5
Vaillant EcoTec Plus 838 - new for 2015 0010018356 28 15.2
Worcester Greenstar 29CDi 7738100216 30 12.3
Worcester Greenstar 34CDi 7738100218 30 14.3



Small Properties

If you have a smaller property such as a 1 bedroom home with 1 bathroom, then you do not need a high-spec boiler to deal with the demand. It is much more efficient and cost effective to have a boiler that can provide the necessary level of heating & hot water.

Take a look at the combi boilers below that are popular for smaller houses, flats & apartments:

Boiler name Product number Max Central Heating Output (kW) Flowrate (litres per minute)
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 24 Combi Boiler 0010018494 19 9.6
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 825 Combi Boiler Natural Gas - new for 2015 0010018353 19 10.5
Baxi EcoBlue+ 24  7219498 24 9.8
Ideal Logic Plus 24 HE Combi Boiler  123174 24 9.9
Worcester Greenstar 25i - new for 2015 7716130139 24 10.2
Worcester Greenstar 25Si Compact 7733600050 24 10.2
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 28 Combi Boiler 0010018495 24 11.1


What Should People be Looking for in a Good Boiler in 2015?

With greater emphasis placed by consumers on acquiring an efficient and economical heating appliance, manufacturers of heating appliances are constantly striving to boost performance and reduce carbon emissions.

Here are some things you should be looking at when buying a new boiler in 2015:

  • Energy Efficiency
    boiler efficiencyIf you a buying a new boiler then you will want to ensure that it is a 'condensing' model.The good news is that all new boilers produced by the top manufacturers today will be condensing boilers and this has been the case for a number of years now (as a general rule, any boiler from 2012 onwards will likely utilise condensing technology). Condensing boilers are able to utilise a lot more of the heat that they generate, reducing waste and maximising efficiency.This gives the end user cheaper heating bills and also ensures you are doing your bit for the environment too!Every boiler is assessed and given a grade depending on how efficient it is; this is known as the SEDBUK rating (A is the best, G the worst).  Almost all new boilers are now A-Rated due to the fact that they use condensing technology. In addition to the SEDBUK rating, a new ErP Directive is due to be introduced in the UK on 26th September 2015 with the intention of making homeowners more aware of the energy efficiency and consumption levels of their appliances. As such manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch have already released ErP compliant boilers in the form of the Greenstar i, CDI Compact and CDi Classic series.Just to given you an idea on why it can be beneficial to upgrade a boiler, moving from a G-Rated boiler to a new A-Rated boiler has been shown to save a household as much as £300 annually. Over time this can easily offset the cost of a new boiler installation.
  • Power (Flowrate & Heating Output)
    The power output of a boiler is among the most important features to consider. An appropriate boiler will need to have exactly the right amount of power for the property.Any less and you'll run into issues such as poor hot water pressure or radiators that aren't hot enough. Similarly, a boiler with too much output would just be wasted on a smaller property - much like taking a super car around congested roads.We have various guides on how much power small, medium or large properties may require; however you may feel that speaking to a qualified gas engineer to be far more useful.
  • warrantyBoiler Warranty
    Boiler warranties are something that have always been important, but have recently risen to prominence with many manufacturers offering extended warranties on their boilers.Although they are built to last, things can sometimes go wrong with boilers, and knowing that you'll be well looked after in the rare case of a fault occurring in the future is something that an extended warranty offer can give you.These offers generally have terms and conditions, but with many of the big manufacturers there are no extra costs incurred.Here at Direct Heating Supplies, our range of cheap boilers are only of the highest quality with the best warranties available.
  • Compact Dimensions
    As is the trend in the present day, the quest for smaller technology is ongoing and boilers are certainly no exception.When the amount of room you have is limited, the last thing you want is your central heating system taking up valuable space.Boiler manufacturers are constantly making small improvements to their boilers and coming up with units that seem to get more compact each year.Worcester's aptly named 'Compact' series of combi boilers are a prime example of these space saving boiler models.With impressive heating outputs in such a small package, these boilers are perfect for kitchen cupboards and cramped installation spaces.