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Best electric showers review

If you are looking at doing some work to your bathroom in 2014 then you’ve come to the right place.

Find out more about some of our most popular electric shower ranges below...

At Direct Heating Supplies we can provide you with a lot of the new bathroom appliances and accessories you need to make your new bathroom look dazzling for a fantastic low price.

This includes an extensive array of some of the best electric showers available.

mira-vieMira Vie

Available in 3 power outputs (8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW), the Mira Vie range has been an incredibly popular electric shower throughout 2013 for use alongside a cold mains water system.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly the Vie range boasts an impressive number of key selling attributes despite its relatively cheap price.

With pressure stabilised control and separate controls for water flow and temperature, it is incredibly simple to get your shower performing exactly how you want it to.

The shower itself is easy to turn on and off using the simple power button operation and with a powerful 5 spray showerhead and adjustable riser rail, this shower really does give you everything you would expect with a more expensive shower model.

With a chrome or white finish, the Vie shower is a welcome addition to any modern bathroom and with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, you can rest safe assured that it will work as expected for some time to come!

triton-t80zTriton T80Z

The Triton T80Z Electric shower covers a multitude of different shower types including Fast-fit, Slimline Eco, Slimline and Thermostatic varieties.

All of the models utilise stabilised hot water control to ensure that the very best levels of hot water performance are enjoyed. The Thermostatic model takes this one step further by guaranteeing that you have a reliable stream of hot water at the flow you desire.

All of the showers look great and fit neatly into any bathroom, but the Slimline T80Z models have a unit that is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, ensuing that it fits seamlessly into your shower enclosure. The Eco model then offers additional efficiency benefits by capping water usage to 6 litres per minute (making it 99.7% efficient).

For those looking to install a retrofit shower it is worth looking at the T80Z Fast-fit models as they accept cables and pipe from any position making it incredibly simple to replace existing shower models.

The T80Z range has a shower for all occasions, helping to offer homeowners and installers unbridled flexibility in terms of specification and installation.

View our Triton T80Z Electric Showers

mira-jumpMira Jump

The Jump range of electric showers is one of the most popular retrofit showers around as it makes it incredibly simple to replace existing right inlet electric showers from Mira as well as models from competing brands including Triton, Aqualisa and Redring.

The shower itself works as part of a cold mains water system and can be purchased in 3 varying power outputs of  8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of a shower that meets your hot water demands.

With a 4 spray shower head and adjustable rail raiser, the Mira Jump range comes with an eco mode (for the environmental conscious among you), but makes it easy to control your hot water & temperature settings too thanks to the individual dial controls.

With its white chrome finish, the Jump shower really is a great purchase for those looking to replace an existing shower.

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