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The Best Internet Thermostats of 2017

A great thermostat can really compliment a new heating system, however deciding which one is best for your home can be a challenge. When it comes to thermostats there are many types to choose from, the most recent to the market being internet thermostats.

What to look for when purchasing a new thermostat in 2017

Internet connectivity
Internet connectivity allows the user to remotely connect to the thermostat while on the go, at any time. Using this feature wisely can help you use your home central heating system in a more economical way helping to save money on heating bills.

Thermostats with controllable zones allow the user to control their heating in different rooms (zones) using their thermostat. Zones are commonly used in larger homes to save money or when you want to have separate temperatures for set rooms e.g. having a bedroom on a separate zone so ambient sleeping temperatures can be set.

Programming needs
The programming needs of each individual may differ depending on their lifestyle. Many thermostats today offer the opportunity to programme flexible heating schedules to meet your needs, even including different schedules for different days of the week (weekdays and weekends).

Energy Saving
With utilisation of many of the above features, many of 2017’s thermostats can help to save energy within the home and reduce expenditure on heating bills. Efficient thermostats help to effectively control the boiler and optimise its usage, so it can economically maintain the correct temperature and allow you to save.

It is important to keep in mind whether your current heating system is compatible with the new thermostat. Many of the thermostats on the market across 2017 are flexible in regards to compatibility and work with most heating systems, some even help them to work more efficiently.

The Journey towards Smarter Homes and Internet Thermostats

A thermostat simply detects the temperature of a room or home and is used to maintain the desired temperature. As part of the journey towards smarter homes internet thermostats are shaping the way we keep our homes warm at the times we need them to be. An internet thermostat is able to connect to the internet network, allowing the users of the device (everyone within the home) to securely connect to the device while anywhere in the world, as long as they are connected to the internet.

There are many advantages of using an internet thermostat including:

  • The ability to turn down/ off the heating even after leaving the building
  • Manually overriding pre-set settings – e.g. to start heating your home early if required or delay heating your home if you are running late
  • Control your heating using your mobile or tablet device
  • Monitor clever statistics about your families heating usage
  • Updates can be installed at any time, letting the user have access to all the latest features

Recommended Smart Thermostats:
Take a look at some of the best internet thermostats on the market ready to be installed in your home or property in 2017.

Honeywell Lyric Wired and Wireless

Lyric HoneywellWith the Honeywell Lyric you can choose from two models either the wired Lyric T6 or wireless Lyric T6R making it perfect for every home. The Lyric can be easily installed to upgrade existing Honeywell thermostats and heating systems, as well as being able to be installed in homes without prior Honeywell thermostats.

The Lyric boasts a stylish design which can be easily integrated in any home and a whole host of features to benefit even the most hectic of lifestyles.

A few of the benefits of using the Honeywell Lyric, both wired and wireless include:

  • Easy installation
  • Connects to the network without additional wiring
  • With the use of the downloadable Lyric app the device can be controlled while on the go
  • Use Geo-fencing technology to control the device (this can be used to ensure the heating is switched on or off when arriving in a set radius of the property)
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • No risk of cross signal interference
  • Fail safe features are available even if the internet connectivity is lost

Visit our website today to find out more about the wired Lyric T6 or wireless Lyric T6R

The Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat gives precise control over your homes heating while it also learns the most effective way to heat your home using your current heating system.

  • Nest Learning ThermostatProgrammer, thermostat and frost stat all in one
  • Auto Schedule allows you to let the thermostat work out a schedule best suited to you and your needs
  • Can be controlled using the recommended downloadable app
  • Allows you to have multiple heating zones within your home
  • The Nest senses your presence to display temperature stats, the time and date
  • Automatically turns down the heating when away from the home
  • Compatible with most heating systems
  • Monthly energy history reporting

Visit our website today to find out more about the Nest and how it can benefit your home

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