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Boiler Plus Scheme

What is the boiler plus scheme?
The boiler plus scheme is the new domestic boiler regulations that has recently come into effect in a bid to lower the countries emission levels. With the current carbon emission levels being so high and domestic heating systems causing 20% of this toxicity, the government have introduced the boiler plus scheme as an attempt to lower these figures.

The boiler plus scheme brings insome new regulations and laws referring to any new gas combi boiler installation meaning the ErP efficiency needs to be at least 92%. To achieve this efficiency your new combi boiler should include either; time and temperature controls and an additional energy efficiency. Your new combi gas boiler would need to include 1 out of the 4 following parts;
• Smart controls
• Load compensator
• Weather compensator
• Flue gas recovery systems
Although this may sound very complicated, it is ensuring your heating efficiency will be improved, leading to reduced energy bills and helping to lower the countries carbon emissions.

boiler plus scheme

Smart Controls
Smart controls are the new technological way in which you can you can control your heating using wireless functions from either a remote control or from your phone, meaning you can choose when your heating is on or off, giving you total control. You can view our full range of smart controls here.

Load Compensator
The load compensator senses the air temperature from within the home and adjusts the temperature of the water flowing through heat generators and heating emitters, these can be found on certain programmers like the Honeywell DT90E Wired Digital Room Thermostat, which is boiler plus compliant when used with a timer or programmer.

Weather Compensator
A weather compensator is one ingenious method for you to improve the heating efficiency throughout your home. A weather compensator operates using outdoor sensors to gauge the temperature andwill then adjust the energy output from within the home, so your system will not be using unnecessary power.

Flue Gas Recovery System
Flue gas recovery systems are a great way for your heating system to reuse any flue gases that had already been heated and would have previously escaped, meaning less energy will be used for future reheating needs and can even lower water usage by 6%.

For future combi boiler installations, you will need to be aware of the boiler plus scheme to ensure you are complying with government regulations, click here for more information.