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Which boiler size is right for me?

The most important part of your heating system to ensure you stay warm this winter, is your homes boiler. There will come a time when your old boiler will start failing you and will need replacing, leaving you to decide on a new boiler.

Choosing the right boiler for your home can be quite a complicated and daunting process, with several different circumstances and attributes to take into consideration before making your final choice and you could be left wondering "which boiler size is right for me?".

Does your boiler size matter?
In contrary to many people’s belief, your boiler size is very important in ensuring your home is perfectly heated. If you purchase a boiler that is too small with a lesser heating output than required, you may end up running out of hot water very fast, which could lead to many cold showers.

Whereas on the other hand if you purchase and install a boiler that is too large for your property, you would be wasting unnecessary energy, causing your heating bills to be more than you should be paying.

When deciding on a new boiler for your property, there are a few different aspects that need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

One of the main ways of identifying the size of your new boiler is by looking at the size and output of the boiler you are looking to replace. This is generally considered to be the most reliable method when selecting a new boiler however, the output required may change slightly depending on any changing circumstances around the home like an added family member or an extra shower installed in the property.

Heating demand
Another aspect to take into consideration is your heating and hot water demands. On a general basis, the more occupants for the property, the more you require a larger boiler with a higher heating output.

Below is a table showing a general guide that is used when choosing a new boiler.

Property size Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms Number of radiators Boiler output
Flat/Small house 1-2 1 10 24-27kW
Medium house 3-4 1-2 15 28-34kW
Large house 4+ 2+ 20+ 35-42kW

This table is a rough guide on how you should base your boiler purchase and please note this may vary due to the afore mentioned circumstances.

If you have any uncertainty with your boiler choice, we would recommend that you get into contact with a Gas Safe registered heating engineer, so they can offer you the best advice to ensure your warmth necessities are met this winter.

You can find more boiler advice here; https://www.directheatingsupplies.co.uk/boiler-advice/

Alternatively you can find our full range of boilers here available with free delivery on all orders over £50 excluding VAT.