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Don't let your boiler ruin Christmas!

With a slightly different Christmas on the horizon, it is more important than ever to ensure your hot water is functioning and your heating is working as well as it can.

Here at Direct Heating Supplies, your safety is our priority, so we always recommend if you are having issues with your boiler that you do not attempt to fix it yourself but visit the Gas Safe register website to find a qualified engineer. This being said, there are some situations you may be able to fix yourself without the help of an engineer. We have recorded a range of ‘How To’ videos on our YouTube channel in order to assist you.

Firstly, there are multiple simple boiler checks that you can carry out without the need to call out a qualified Gas Safe engineer. These inspections check for any obvious faults which could affect your boiler’s ability during the winter.

  1. See if there are any leaks from the boiler, the flue is accessible, and the vents are clear. If you have a pressurised system you need to check the boiler pressure. If it is too low or high, then the boiler will be running less efficiently which will make your heating bills cost more.
  2. One of the most important checks you can carry out is for the boiler flame. Ensure that it is bright and blue and not yellow. If this is the case, then call a Gas Safe engineer urgently as this could be a sign of carbon monoxide which is hazardous to your health and should be sorted immediately.

Secondly, we recommend you check your radiators, as there is no point in having a fully functioning boiler if its output from the radiators is subpar.

  1. Ensure that the heating output is consistent across the whole radiator, top to bottom and left to right. If you find there are cold spots, then you may need to bleed your radiators (we have a step by step for this process available here). This clears any excess air from the central heating system and ensures the radiator heats evenly and effectively to keep you as warm as possible.
  2. You should also ensure all your pipes are well insulated. This stops them from freezing when it is very cold and reduces heat loss; in turn, saving you precious pennies (something that’s crucial around Christmas time)
  3. If you are hearing any gurgling or clanging noises from your radiators and pipes, this could also be a sign of air within the system and again may be solved by bleeding the radiators.
  4. If the lower half of your radiator is remaining cold when you switch the heating on, this could be an indication of sediment build-up, which we recommend you contact a specialist for guidance as it can be difficult and ineffective to flush the system on your own.

So, don’t let your boiler ruin your Christmas! Wishing you a Merry Christmas from us all at Direct Heating Supplies.