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Give your boiler a gift from the heart this Valentines

February 14th marks Valentine’s day, a day to express your gratitude and emotions to the ones you love and cherish. So, what better way to kick start Valentines than showing the heart of your home some much earned TLC.

Your central heating system provides you with luxurious hot water and helps keep you warm throughout the winter, so why not express your gratitude this Valentines and say it with a central heating system clean! At Direct Heating Supplies, we provide an extensive range of chemicals and filters to help clean and protect your central heating system from things like debris, scale and sludge.

How do I know my central heating needs cleaning?

Is your boiler making strange noises? Do your radiators not heat up properly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have sludge build up in your central heating system!

How can I clean my central heating system?

At Direct Heating Supplies we highly recommend you ask a gas safe registered engineer to carry out any work, including cleaning your central heating system. Unsure which cleaning solution you require? Read below to see which product best matches your boiler’s needs.

How do I remove sludge from my central heating system?

If you are looking to clean either an existing central heating or a newly installed central heating system, then the Fernox F3 Central Heating Cleaning Liquid could be just what you are looking for. The Fernox F3 Central Heating Cleaner is a quick and effective neutral cleaner for central heating systems. It is designed to remove all debris, sludge and scale from existing systems of all ages. In this way, it will help restore your boilers heating efficiency.

How do I reduce the noise coming from my boiler?

If your boiler is making strange noises (also referred to as ‘kettling’) this could be due to a scaled heating system. The Fernox Boiler Noise Silencer F2 is designed to reduce boiler noise and kettling produced by scale in your system. It is ideal for use with all types of boilers and is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in systems including aluminium.

Protect your central heating system in the future

Once your central heating system has been cleaned and your boiler efficiency is restored, you may want to install a Fernox TF1 Filter to help prevent sludge and rust from reforming in your system. Installing a filter such as the Fernox TF1 provides you with the ultimate protection, removing any magnetic and non-magnetic debris before it reaches your boiler.

Show your boiler a little love a care this valentines and benefit from an optimised heating performance and extended boiler lifespan. Direct Heating Supplies always recommends speaking to a gas safe registered engineer before purchasing anything for your boiler. Purchase a central heating cleaner or central heating filter system today from Direct Heating Supplies at an affordable price with free delivery if your order is over £50 exc vat.