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The Heating Industry on Father’s Day

Sunday the 17th of June marks an important day in Britain, a day to honour all Dads and Father figures in a way which is meaningful to you. Whether it be showering them with presents or just enabling a day of relaxation and putting their feet up, make sure this Father’s Day is one to remember. 

When it comes to your heating system and looking after your home there are a few iconic and protective products to keep a watch for. Take a look below to see which heating product your Dad is really like:

The Strong & Caring One

The strong and caring Dad is always there when you need him, whether it be picking you up when you fall or simply just listening when you need a chat. When it comes to hot water cylinders, they are much like the strong and caring one of the heating system family, they are always there to generate hot water giving the boiler one less job to worry about (it is important to note that hot water cylinders are an essential part of system and regular heating system).

If you are looking to replace an old or damaged cylinder in your home, head over to our hot water cylinder range to browse our extensive range of vented and unvented cylinders.

The Protector

Many Dads take on the role of the family protector, paving the way for the future and keeping any harm at bay. The Fernox TF1 Omega filter is the protector of your heating system. The Fernox TF1 Omega Filter collects corrosion, scale and debris that would otherwise pass through your central heating system. By preventing these contaminants from circulating within the heating system, energy efficiency levels are optimised and the expense and inconvenience of a boiler breakdown or even a complete replacement can be avoided.

The Cool One

The cool Dad is not only down with the latest tech and trends, but he always knows when to turn up the heat! One of the newest and most popular products of the heating industry is the smart thermostat. A smart thermostat heats your home efficiently, giving you complete control over your homes heating while also embracing technological advances and new innovations. Visit our smart thermostat range to find the perfect one for your home.

The Workaholic

Whether it be caring for the family or extra hours in the office, the workaholic never switches off and caries on working night and day. The Worcester Greenstar combination boiler range is the workaholic of the heating industry, not only does the Worcester Greenstar continue to work around the clock but it operates with energy efficiency levels of over 90%.

The Handy Man

We all know a handy Dad who likes to get hands on with DIY, enjoys those odd jobs and making quick home improvements. Just like the handy man, a new tap can really help to rejuvenate a tired bathroom without expensive renovation bills. With a range of styles, tap types and finishes no one tap is quite the same.

Tap in to your inner handy man and get hands on by replacing your bathroom taps, click here to view our full range of available taps. If you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to replacing a tap click on the link and follow our handy guide on ‘How to Replace Your Taps’.

If you’re still looking for that extra Father’s Day present, why not consider starting a DIY project together or helping by adding that final touch to his home. From thermostats to water softener’s you will be sure to find something which he will love. Click here to browse our full product range, don’t forget all orders over £50 ex VAT benefit from free delivery.

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