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Home improvements – be careful what you choose to do yourself!

With a change in our lifestyles and the bank holiday this weekend it is no wonder we are all looking for something else to do.

Many of you will be planning those much-needed home improvements to your homes before the winter comes along.

Whilst some renovations at home do not need qualified tradespeople we always recommend when it comes to gas you list the services of a Gas Safe registered engineer. Doing gas work yourself can be dangerous, lead to gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, fires and explosions. There are also works you may carry out, which could have an impact on your gas system.

The Gas Safe Register recently did a survey of over 2000 UK households which highlights over a third (35%) of UK adults wouldn’t consider hiring a trades person in the current climate and only two fifths (40%) would seek the help of a registered gas engineer even if faced with major warning signs of a gas-related emergency.*

We recommend before trying out any DIY you consider the following;

  1. Never cover flues or air vents
  2. Before you put any screws into a floor or wall check that there aren’t pipes, wires / cables behind it
  3. Don’t attempt to fix or move a gas appliance without using someone who is Gas Safe registered
  4. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide – headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness
  5. If you think you can smell gas contact the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999

Whilst Direct Heating Supplies sell many products on our website which do not need a qualified tradesperson to install we always recommend getting an expert opinion before carrying out your DIY.

* Source: Gas Safe Register