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How to Install a Nest

The Nest is a revolutionary thermostat that not only can you control while away from home but it learns the more it is used. The Nest quickly learns useful information such as what temperature you like your home to be at when you are there, turns down the temperature when nobody is home and learns the best ways to save money when heating your home.After using your Nest for just a week it will start to learn your behaviour patterns and be able to heat your home in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.

So, you are looking to purchase a shiny new Nest Learning Thermostat and are wondering how best to install the device and get up and running. Take a look below at our step by step guide on installing and getting the most out of your Nest thermostat.

Installing your Nest thermostat

Installing your Nest thermostat should take a little over 30 minutes and requires only the supplied Nest Philips screwdriver, a pencil and a suitable screwdriver to remove your existing thermostat.

  • Switch off any power going to your existing thermostat by locating the mains power supply and switching off the appropriate source
  • Please note if your existing thermostat is labelled 120, 240 volts or has thick wires you are currently connected to a high voltage system and should not connect the Nest thermostat to this set up
  • Top tip: while you are removing the old thermostat, label all of the wires which went in to the back e.g. name them the colour they were connected to (not all wires will be coloured)
  • Carefully remove all of the wires from your existing thermostat and unscrew the device from the wall
  • Thread the wires through the centre of the Nest and position it where you would like to install it on the wall. You can use the in-built spirit level to check that your Nest thermostat is level and don’t forget to mark the screw holes on the wall using a pencil
  • If you want to cover the marks and screw holes from your old thermostat attach the trim plate to the base plate (this can be found at the bottom of the box)
  • Carefully attach the Nest to the wall using the provided Philips screw driver and screws. Before tightening the screws double check the base is level using the in-built spirit level
  • This is where the labelling of the wires comes in useful, insert the correct wires in to the correct slots in the nest (the nest will automatically depress on each wire)
  • Attach the nest display by lining up the small rectangular connector on the back of the display unit with the port on the base unit
  • Once the above steps are completed, switch the mains power back on
    For more information please refer to the instruction manual supplied with your product.

Setting up your Nest account

To really get the most from your Nest it is advised to set up an online Nest account. Using your Nest account, you can keep track of your heating no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Setting up your personal Nest account is simple, just follow the below steps:

  1. Download the Nest application on to your tablet or mobile device from the Google Play Store or the Apple iStore
  2. Once you have successfully installed and opened the app click on “Sign In”
  3.  Input an email address and password which you would like to use (make sure you use something memorable)
  4. Once the above steps have been successfully completed you should receive a welcome email

Setting up your Nest

Setting up your Nest thermostat couldn’t be easier. Upon switching on your Nest you will be prompted with a set of start-up questions. To select the answers to the questions, use the touch screen and twist the push mechanism.

The set up questions will cover internet connection settings, heating and cooling, your location and temperature settings. Don’t worry you can always amend these settings at a later date.

Top Tips for getting the most out of your Nest thermostat

  • Location Based features – Set up location based features which activate your heating when you arrive in a set radius of your home
  • Enable Auto Away – This feature allows the Nest to know when you are away from the home. Using sensors it will cleverly detect when you have left your home and automatically lower the temperature for you
  • The Nest Scheduler – You can take your energy savings up to the next level with the Nest  scheduler. The Scheduler allows you to input your own in-depth heating schedules so the Nest knows exactly when you need heating the most
  • Voice Control – Using Google Now or Siri you can now control your Nest with voice commands
  • Keeping You Safe – Using IFTTT framework your Nest thermostat can detect smoke and send a text message to your neighbour

If you haven’t already purchased your Nest thermostat click here today to revolutionise the way you heat your home. Don’t forget all orders over £50 ex VAT receive fast free delivery straight to your door.