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Making the most of a small bathroom space

When space is limited in your bathroom, design is key for making the most of what you have. It may at times feel like you’re piecing together an intricate puzzle trying to make all of your fittings fit however carefully designing your bathroom does pay dividends in the long-run.

Read our guide for top tips on designing a bathroom where space is limited.

Install smaller fixtures and fittings

Many bathroom manufacturers make a range of sinks, toilets and shower enclosures in smaller sizes, specifically created for smaller bathrooms. By replacing your current fittings with smaller fittings, you’ll physically create more space to manoeuver. Pedestal sinks are also great to replace vanity sinks (should you already have these installed), as they instantly free up more space, although you will be slightly compromised in terms of storage space.

Install a corner sink

If you’re unwilling to compromise on the lost storage that’s synonymous with a pedestal sink, then installing a corner sink can be a great alternative. Tucked away neatly in the corner, corner sinks are designed specifically to accommodate smaller bathrooms. Corner sinks are also available in a pedestal style for homeowners that are looking to create even more space still. As an added tip, you may wish to install your taps directly from your wall instead of the sink basin, to give you more space for storage on top of the sink unit itself.

Use a shower curtain instead of rigid doors

When your toilet is installed adjacent to your bathtub with a rigid shower door, elbow room can at times be compromised when sitting on the toilet. When space is limited to such a degree, consider installing a shower curtain instead of a fixed, solid glass door. Whilst typically not as aesthetically pleasing, additional comfort can be offered when using the toilet. Shower curtains are now available in a range of colours and styles, so much so that a shower curtain can really complement a room just as your living room drapes would. To create the illusion of more space, consider a transparent or partially transparent shower curtain design.

Use a full width mirror

When hanging mirrors in bathrooms, considering the location of your mirror is crucial as it’s vital to consider exactly what will be reflected. Mirrors reflect light perfectly when installed opposite a window, however if installed opposite from a dark area, the illusion of light will not be created quite to the same degree. Consider the location of your mirror should you decide to install one at all.

Mount the towel rail on a door

When space is limited, you can at times get a little creative when installing smaller fittings. One such example of this includes installing a towel rail on the inside of your bathroom door. Whilst not the best method for hanging large or heavy towels, you will have a convenient and subtle place to hang smaller towels that are essential for bathroom usage.

Opt for a large floor tile

When selecting floor tiles, select larger or plain patterns that are uncluttered. This form of optical illusion is created as there are less interruptions of the floor lines.  Flooring should complement your bathroom and by using a small flooring tile or a busy pattern, you will be detracting from your goal of enlarging your bathroom.

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