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Nest Thermostat Review

The third generation Nest hit the UK shelves in early 2016 and has been enjoyed by homeowners across the country ever since. Functional, intelligent and beautifully designed, it’s easy to understand just why the Nest has been so well received. We put the Nest to the test in our Nest thermostat review to see what all the hype’s about.

What is the Nest Thermostat?Nest Thermostat Review

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer, thermostat and frost-stat in one. It learns your
daily schedule to programme itself, turns down the heat when you're away and allows you to control your central heating from your mobile phone.

Whereas with traditional thermostats time needs to be invested to set and adjust your daily heating routines, the Nest takes care of this for you. With an incredibly intuitive menu display system and lots of automated features built into the device to boost performance and efficiency, ease of use is one of the key benefits of the Nest.

The design is sleek, simple and remarkably resembles an Apple product which is in fact no surprise. The Nest’s co-founder, Tony Fadell, previously served as the Senior Vice President of the iPod division at Apple and set up Nest after becoming frustrated at the limited features of thermostats and controls available on the market at that point in time. Understandably so, the Nest is packed full of cool features and leads in the class of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

What’s in the Box?Nest Thermostat Review - Box Contents

With the Nest, even the packaging is beautifully designed. It’s hard to want to rip it open. However, when you do, inside you’ll find:

•             The 3rd Generation Nest with a USB cable & plug

•             A “Heat Link” device that connects to your heating system

•             Screws for fitting

•             A welcome guide

•             An installation guide, and

•             A trim kit

What Are the Main Features?

As the Nest was born from a frustration of the lack of functionality available through many thermostats at the point in time, it’s no surprise to see it’s brimming with cool features, including;

Nest Thermostat Review - Internet ControlledInternet Control

The Nest can be controlled using PCs, tablets and mobile phones through the official Nest app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

No longer are the days of returning home to a cold shell. The latest generation Nest also allows you to control your hot water tank, something the previous model couldn't do.





Innovative Learning technologyNest Thermostat Energy Report

The Nest is designed with efficiency in mind and within a week will adapt to the way you use it. For example, if you consistently turn your central heating on when you get home from work at 6pm and then lower the temperature around 9pm, the Nest will intuitively pick this up within a week, adapting your schedule and maximising comfort without effort.

At all times however, you’re able to override the settings using the stylish dial interface or through the app.

Motion Sensors

The Nest thermostat's new and improved FarSight sensor picks up on human movement and conveniently displays key information such as time, outside weather conditions and the indoor temperature depending on the preferences you set. That way, key information that’s important to you is always at hand to greet you as you’re walking past.

Home Away Assist Feature on Nest ThermostatHome/Away Assist

Previously labelled ‘Auto-Away’, Home/Away assist automatically adjusts your Nest as you come and go, saving you the burden of having to remember to turn your heating off as you leave the home.

We’ve all fallen victim of leaving our heating on whilst we’re at work however the Home/Away assist feature ensures wasting energy in the aforementioned way can become a thing of the past.


The Nest is universally compatible with most heating systems including Combi and Condensing boilers, System and Heat-Only boilers, Hydronic underfloor systems, Air source and ground source heat pumps (heating only), Zoned systems (one Nest Thermostat per zone), Switched live systems and Low-voltage (dry contact) systems. This gives you enormous flexibility and makes the Nest one of the UKs most accessible smart thermostats.

Sharp & Crisp Visuals

The 3rd Generation Nest has a new and improved screen that makes the information you are looking at even easier to interpret. The Nest display now boasts a 24-bit colour LCD Screen (480 x 480 resolution at 229 pixels per inch). The 2nd Gen Nest display had a black border of 1 inch whereas the 3rd Gen model has an outer border of just 1cm, so although the Nest display unit itself is the same size, you are able to see a lot more information.

Online Energy ReportsNest Online Energy Report

A month after the Nest is activated you will received a Nest Energy report, which pinpoints areas where you have saved energy as well as highlighting aspects where there is room for improvement.

The Nest app also gives users guidance and advice on how they can conserve energy in their home.


With a 2 year manufacturer guarantee, you can rest assured that your Nest will continue to work problem free.


 How easy is the Nest to Install?

How Easy is the Nest to Install?

The Nest works as part of a semi wired installation.

The Nest Heat Link, which performs the vital job of receiving your heating settings from the Nest thermostat display, will always need to be wired into your boiler (see image for details).

The Nest thermostat display then runs on rechargeable iON batteries but needs to be powered by a mains electricity connection. The Nest Thermostat display can therefore be fitted in a couple of ways.

1) Power the Nest Thermostat Display by wiring it to the Heat Link

If replacing an existing wired thermostat you can opt to wire the heat link all the way to the Nest thermostat display.  This allows you to utilise existing wires in your property to power the Nest thermostat display.

Note: This connection is for power purposes only. The 2 devices do not have to be connected to share information, as the Heat Link and the Nest pass information wirelessly using the internet.

The diagram below outlines the type of setup involved:

Nest Installation Diagram

2) Power the Nest Thermostat Display by connecting it to a main electrical supply (wire or plug in)

If you do not have an existing wired thermostat, want to move your thermostat to another part of the house or are introducing the Nest as your properties first thermostat, then you can do so using installation method 2.

Instead of powering the Nest thermostat display using a wired connection directly from the Heat link  (as in option 1), you can opt to power the Nest thermostat by connecting it to your main electricity supply.

You can therefore either wire in directly to an electrical supply or plug the Nest into a wall plug.

Available to buy with an accompanying stand that can we bought separately, you also have options to either fix your Nest on a wall in your home or sit it upright on any flat surface in your home (see below).

Nest Thermostat Mounting Options

Installation is fairly straightforward, but we always advise that you consult a qualified fitter prior to purchase to establish if the Nest is suitable for your home. For more information on installing your nest, read our blog How to install a Nest.

 What Can You Expect from the Nest App?Nest Thermostat Mobile App

One of our favourite features of the Nest is the ability to control your heating remotely from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone; Nest owners can download the official Nest Apple or Android mobile apps, putting the control of their central heating system in the palms of their hand.

Nest's easy to use mobile app makes it simple to create a heating schedule that suits your lifestyle.

The Nest app also lets you monitor energy usage and provides extreme weather alerts; a useful feature in helping to prevent your pipes from freezing.

The 3rd Generation Nest is compatible with the majority of Smartphones on iOS 8 or later for Apple devices and Android 4 or later for Android devices.

compatible with the app on phones or tablets with a basic spec of iOs 8 (or later) for Apple devices and Android 4 (or later) for Android devices.

Where Can You Buy the Nest?

The Nest Thermostat is available with next working day delivery from Direct Heating Supplies. Order today for a great price and a quick delivery service.