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Prepare for Winter

After enduring the one of the harshest winters on record last year with temperatures being recorded as being as low as minus 13, many households are taking early precautions to make sure they don’t suffer with a heating fault this coming winter and you can do the same! With a wide variety of heating products from well-known brands, we can help you prepare your home for winter.

The harsh temperatures and large quantity of snow would have come as a big surprise to many residents throughout the UK causing havoc on many roads and more importantly, left many homes struggling for warmth.

This could have been for a few different reasons, but one common factor would have been where your heating appliances throughout the home were not performing as efficiently or effectively as desired. The extra strain from the obscene temperatures could have caused heating failure, and with more extreme weather predicted this winter, it could be better to be safe than sorry and prepare for winter.

One part of the heating system that ensures the heating output within the home is at its maximum potential are the radiators. Updating your radiators is often forgotten about in terms of maintaining your homes heating but are a very important component of your heating system.

At Direct Heating Supplies, we offer an abundance of radiators in many different sizes from a variety of excellent brands that you can trust. All radiator brands on Direct Heating Supplies are reliable and reputable with their production of radiators.

We have also made it very easy to find the radiator you’re looking for, by breaking the radiators down into 4 different categories;

  • Standard radiators
  • Towel Rail Radiators
  • Electric Radiators & Panel Heaters
  • Designer Radiators

With the radiators divided in these 4 sections, and with sizes ranging from 400mm x 300mm to 700mm x 2000mm so you are able to find the perfect radiator for you to keep you warm all winter long! You can see the full range of radiators on offer at Direct Heating Supplies by clicking here.

As with many things, your boilers performance will naturally deteriorate over time. Gas boilers have a life expectancy of between 10-15 years, whereas electrical boilers would be expected to last between 8-10 years,  if your boilers have been fully maintained and have been serviced regularly.

Having a boiler that operates at its maximum efficiency rate is very important to ensuring you are not wasting heating energy or money! As well as offering a high heating output, it would be more than desirable for your boiler to be reliable and to be able to provide efficient heating for a prolonged period of time. With this, you will be able to find some of the most reliable boiler brands available on our website, with a 10-year warranty available on certain products. Click here to view all of the boilers available to find the perfect boiler for your home.

Worcester Wood Burning Stoves
One final way of staying warm and relaxed this winter is through purchasing a Worcester Wood Burning Stove and purchasing a wood burning stove would be a great replacement for using gas to heat your home.

Purchasing a wood burning stove would also be a perfect way of ensuring one of your heating methods efficiency doesn’t drop over time but is fully relied upon by you and your log replacement rate. Along with saving you money on your energy usage, the Worcester Greenstyle Wood Burning Stoves are aesthetically pleasing and would be perfect for those cold winter nights. The Worcester Wood Burning Stoves are available to purchase on our website, here.