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Pros and cons of an LPG boiler.

LPG boilers are known for their efficiency but do too have some drawbacks. Whilst it can be confusing to choose your fuel type, it is much easier when you break down the pros and cons.



Although it is not a ‘green’ fuel, as it is still a fossil fuel, it contains 33% less carbon monoxide than coal and 15% less than oil, making it a clean burning fuel. This will enable you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. If spilt, LPG will not contaminate water or alter the environment as gas and oil would.

Becoming cheaper

In the last year, LPG has dropped, even though it is the highest price fuel compared to oil and gas. LPG is also a highly efficient fuel, enabling your boiler to function to the best of its ability. LPG boilers can achieve 90% efficiency meaning only 10p is wasted for every pound.

More Compact

LPG boilers tend to be much more compact and small than boilers which burn alternative fuels and in many cases can be considered to have a lower noise output. The tank can also be stored underground, making it less bulky and in the way. The smallest LPG boiler that we supply is 390 width, 270 depth and only 600 in height: http://www.directheatingsupplies.co.uk/worcester-greenstar-12ri-he-boiler-lpg-7733600075

LPG is 250 times denser due to being a liquid rather than a gas, enabling large quantities of fuel to be stored in a smaller space.


The most popular boiler suppliers including Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and Baxi offer a wide variety of praised LPG boilers and some even offer LPG conversion kits for gas boilers. View the range that we supply here: http://www.directheatingsupplies.co.uk/lpg-boilers.

Mains Gas

LPG is the ideal choice for homeowners who do not have access for mains gas as it can be used for central heating, gas fires and cookies. It is a liquid gas which is deposited into a tank or in refillable bottles.


LPG is virtually odourless, especially when compared with oil.



Whilst it is a highly efficient fuel and the price is dropping, it is still more costly than other alternative fuels, making it ideal for the environmentally conscious who are not conscious of money saving. It is likely to remain a highly priced fuel as it is in growing demand in the UK and abroad.


Whilst the LPG fuel is stored in a tank, you must have it delivered by road, meaning if you do not keep a close eye on the fuel level, you could be left without heat. This is also true for oil.

Buying a tank

As previously mentioned, the fuel is retained within a tank, meaning that the initial cost is added to with the purchase of a storage tank. These can be rented from the supplier which can also be costly.