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Reduce your Summer Water Usage

Well, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? With the grass turning brown, and rivers slowly drying up, the hosepipe ban has finally arrived for some parts of England and it almost feels overdue.

The heatwave is sweeping the nation and with the sunset to be around for a while, it’s important to keep as cool as possible and remain hydrated. However, it’s also important to be aware of your water usage around the home and to try and keep your usage down. There was also a rise in it water prices earlier this year, so follow these easy steps so to help keep water levels at a manageable level and to keep your water bills low this summer.

  1. The first way you could look at managing your water usage and reducing your water bill is through installing a dual flush valve in your toilet system. Dual flush valves are a great way of giving you more control of your water usage. Dual flush valves mean you can choose from 2 flushing options depending on which one would be more effective and gives you a chance of reducing the amount of water used when flushing your toilet.
  1. Another big way in which you could save water and money, particularly over the summer months is through having a 5-6 minute shower instead of a bath. Baths generally use about 80 litres of water, whereas showers use roughly half this amount, depending on the flow rate of the shower head. You can view our full range of showers here.
  1. Turning off your taps when brushing your teeth is another way to ensure you’re using as little water as possible over the summer. If you make sure you do this every time you brush your teeth, it could leave you saving between 600 – 700 litres of water per month.
  1. The use of water sprinklers can be very detrimental in your attempt to save water. The water used to keep for lawn fresh can be a substantial amount and would probably be one of the biggest influencers on your water bill if used regularly. There are alternatives that can be done to refresh your garden, like reusing water that had been used within your home or using a watering can, so you can monitor the amount of water used. Along with this, watering your plants in the evening can also save you money as there is less chance for any water used to be evaporated and wasted.
  1. Finally, avoiding use of power showers is another smart way in which you could save money and water throughout the summer. Power showers are notorious for having higher flow-rates than normal shower heads, and so are the least economical of the shower types available . Click here for more information on the various types of showers, to find the one suited to you.

Here are 5 of our top tips that could save you money on your water usage this summer. Be sure to stay cool this summer and try not to waste water and money by letting it go “down the drain”.