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Save Money This Winter And Keep Your Home Warm

We all aim to be more eco-friendly, but as the days grow colder, it's easy to use more energy (and money) than we realise. Here are 10 practical things you can do to save energy this winter season.

  1. Keep internal doors closed - by keeping the doors shut you are preventing heat loss and making sure drafts etc are reduced, this not only keeps you warmer but also saves energy (and therefore pennies)
  2. Bundling up is the new black – wrap up warm, put on slippers or fluffy socks and reap the benefits of not only a fashionable winter outfit but also reduce the energy needed to warm your home
  3. Open the oven door - by opening the oven door when you have finished cooking (and turned it off of course) it will warm the kitchen slightly and save all that precious waste heat from being taken outside by the fan therefore reserving energy
  4. Air dry clothes – you will be shocked at how quickly clothes dry without the use of an energy sapping tumble dryer when the heating is on, just make sure to not put clothes directly onto the radiators and instead use a clothes horse as that would further chill the room!
  5. Don't block the heat - make sure there’s no furniture such as sofas in front of your radiators as this dramatically reduces the efficiency at which they will heat the room
  6. Wash your clothes in cool water – by washing your clothes on a cool wash not only will your garments thank you (it’s better for the fabric and dye), but your pockets also!
  7. DIY draft proof - by using draft excluders and tape you can shave pennies off your energy bill by making your home more efficient to heat, areas to focus on are windows, doors and postboxes
  8. Replace your boiler- if your boiler is getting on a bit (think 10+ years) it will be working less efficiently than it did in its prime and therefore will be eating into your energy bill
  9. Stop heat rising- If you are lucky enough to live in a home with high ceilings you can save energy by installing selves etc to take up the high spaces, which will reduce the amount of heat rising and keep you warmer down on the ground which in turn reduces your energy consumption
  10. Block up your chimney – by using a chimney balloon, chimney sheep or any other method, blocking up your unused chimney will dramatically reduce your energy consumption

Hopefully some of these tips will help you save money and keep you warm over the winter months.