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Space Saving In Your Home

Heating your house is one of those things we have to do but don’t want to lose floor space to a radiator or boiler. There are things that you can do to minimise the space your home heating system will take up from the physical size of the boiler, radiators and where you have them located.

Most boilers are now manufactured with size in mind. Once you know the requirements of the wattage you need from your boiler to heat your home you can source a boiler which suits the size of the location you wish it to be installed in. Direct Heating Supplies has a range of energy efficient boilers available, and if you are looking for small in size the Ideal i-mini is one of the smallest boilers in size.

Deciding on the best place to situate your boiler is not an easy decision especially when trying to save space within your home. Moving your boiler out of view can improve the image of a room significantly. Deciding to install a new boiler and relocate it in your home is commonly thought upon from wanting more space, and to make the area look tidier. Installing a newer boiler could even increase the efficiency from 60% to 95%.

Relocating your boiler may seem like a good idea in theory, but it can come at a very costly expense. Rerouting the gas pipeline can be very expensive for homeowners and can deter them from moving their boiler. This work would also need to be completed by a gas registered engineer.

Once you have your boiler you then need to decide how much room you have for radiators. There are many radiators available on the market, many of which are small space users. View Direct Heating Supplies radiator range here.

An alternative to radiators could be underfloor heating, the ultimate space saver.

Underfloor heating is a newer way of heating your home, is kept well out of the way, and is especially effective in kitchens and bathrooms. Most people tend to have this installed, as well as having radiators producing heat within the home, however, it can also be used as a replacement for all radiators in the house, depending on any heat lost through windows and doors etc.

If maximising the space in your home is high priority, then underfloor heating should be a serious consideration. View Direct Heating Supplies full underfloor heating range here.

Overall, being able to maximise space in your home is important for homeowners, and any space available is generally utilised. Whilst there is no cheap way of space saving when it comes to your heating system, there is ways to help save some space.