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Stay Warm in the Cold Weather

With the freezing temperatures and snow across most of the UK now, we wanted to give you some top tips to keep your boiler working during the cold weather.

1. Keep your boiler maintained - by having an annual service on your boiler it means any issues there may be will be assessed and fixed.

2. Keep your boiler on low - by keeping your boiler on a low temperature you hopefully avoid any sudden cold weather freezing your pipes.

3. Bleed your radiators - ensure your radiators are working efficiently by releasing any air from them.

4. Get to know your boiler - familiarise yourself with the boiler manual as there will be tips and guidelines on how to get the best from your boiler. If you have misplaced your boiler manual, you can find the electronic versions on the manufacturers website.

5. Frozen condensate pipe - if your boiler is making a gurgling noise, please look at the external pipe, it is likely to be frozen. If you are able to, pour some hot water over the pipe, you will need to do this a few times.

This helpful video from Worcester Bosch explains how to unfreeze your condensate pipe if it has frozen. Direct Heating Supplies have produced a number of videos to help you keep your boiler running throughout the cold weather. Visit our YouTube channel to watch more helpful videos.