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Boiler Maintenance This Winter

With the depths of winter fast approaching, the last thing you would want to happen within your home would be for your boiler to stop working. Boiler failures frequently occur throughout the winter months because of the extra strain of work they undertake.

5 Ways of taking care of your boiler;

  1. Bleeding your radiators  – If your radiators have air trapped inside them, they would be unable to heat up as effectively and efficiently as you require. This would then lead to your boiler having to work harder to warm your radiators to an acceptable level, which could lead to a breakdown.


  1. Turning your heating on – As some days aren’t as cold as others, you could be tempted to leave your boiler switched off. This however could become a hindrance in the future because turning your heating on prevents your boiler from seizing up, meaning it is able to operate at its full capacity when required.
  1. Boiler pressure checks – Over time your boiler will slowly lose pressure, meaning it won’t be able to work as efficiently as required. You may need to repressurise your boiler to maintain your high efficiency level. Most boilers differ with how you are able to repressurise them, so we would recommend checking the manufacturer manual to ensure the correct process is completed.
  1. Installing a water filter – As time passes, dirt and sludge can build up within your boiler which would then lead to your water not being able to pass through your system as efficiency as required. Installing a water filter can help prevent this build up and help to prolong the life of your boiler. You can find all filters we have available at Direct Heating Supplies here.
  1. Annual service – One final way to try and ensure your boiler will survive the entirety of the winter cold is to have it serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Gas Safe registered engineers would be able to notice whether your boiler has any faults and if it requires any repair work. You can find engineers suitably trained to carry out a service here.

Although we cannot guarantee your boiler maintaining a high efficiency, if you are able to follow these hints and tips then you are far more likely to enhance the lifespan of your boiler.