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Vokera Combi Boiler Review

If you are looking for a new boiler to sit at the heart of your central heating system, then you may wish to consider a Vokera Combi Boiler. See our guide on the range here.

Which Vokera Boiler Do I need?

Vokera are one of the leading manufacturers of boilers within the UK, well renowned for their quality and value. Each boiler produced by Vokera is strictly tested before going to retail to ensure they are in perfect working order.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing boiler to a newer, high efficiency combi boiler, then you may wish to consider Vokera's range of reliable and cost effective boilers.

Before proceeding with a boiler upgrade, it is always worth consulting a heating engineer in regards to which boiler you’d need for your property. Choosing a boiler with too low of a heating output could result in a poorly heated home, with radiators and hot water not able to reach their desired temperatures.

A well qualified heating engineer will be able to specify exactly what you need for your home to keep up with your heating and hot water requirements.

Here at Direct Heating Supplies, we have gone through the features and specification of each of the Vokera Combi Boilers we stock and summarised them here in a handy review form. For any technical advice or queries, we would recommend contacting Vokera for further information.

Vokera Unica

The Unica I line of Vokera Boilers have been designed with energy savings in mind, and coupled with a 5 year warranty is sure to carry on saving money without interruption for years to come.

With efficiency reaching up to 90.4%, the Unica I boiler has the potential to save up to 35% when upgraded to from an older conventional boiler. Not only is this more friendly to the environment, but it could also mount up over the years and eventually equal or better the original price of the boiler itself.

The Vokera Unica I can also be easily converted to make use of an LPG fuel source, for further information on this, please contact Vokera for more details.

Alongside energy savings, the Unica I also offers time savings, with features included in the package designed around saving time on installation and operation. The included pre fixing jig and filling loop ensures the system can be tested and connected before the boiler is installed. It also includes a rear flue option aswell as the standard top flue for siting flexibility.

Below is a summary of the boilers within the Unica I Range:

Boiler Name  Central Heating Output Hot Water Flow Rate Suitable Property Size (Guide only)
 Vokera Unica i28  19.7kW 11.5 litres/min 1-2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom
 Vokera Unica i32  24kW 13.1 litres/min 2-3 Bedrooms / 1-2 Bathrooms
 Vokera Unica i36  29.3kW 17.7 litres/min ~5 Bedrooms / 2-3 Bathrooms

Vokera Compact A

The Vokera Compact A Range of boilers offers the same efficiency levels as the Unica I Range, however it is all put together in a smaller package that is much better suited to small properties such as flats or bungalows.

The Vokera Compact A also includes the ability to swap to an LPG source aswell as the rear flue option to make siting the boiler an easier task.

Summary of Vokera Compact A HE Combi Boilers below:

Boiler Name Central Heating Output Hot Water Flow Rate Suitable Property Size (Guide Only)
Vokera Compact 25A 20kW 10.2 litres/min 1-2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom
Vokera Compact 29A 25kW 12.1 litres/min 2-3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom

Vokera Compact

The Vokera Compact range is Vokera’s budget line of boilers for those that are looking for the best possible build quality for their money.

The Vokera Compact range comes in at around 87% efficiency, making it a SEDBUK ‘B’ Rated boiler, however with correct optimisation and use of Vokera’s weather compensation controls, this number can be increased slightly to bring it up to an 'A - Rated' boiler.

For more information on the extra options available for this range, please contact Vokera for further details.

Boiler Name Central Heating Output Hot Water Flow Rate Suitable Property Size (Guide Only)
Vokera Compact 25 25kW 10.2 litres/min 1-2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom
Vokera Compact 29 29kW 11.9 litres/min 2-3 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom