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Water Softeners

Within the UK, the type of water that runs through your pipes can vary based on the mineral content of the water this can include calcium and magnesium. With hard water containing large quantities of these particles, and soft water containing the least.

Hard water map

The map on the right shows a rough guide of where you’re most likely to find hard and soft water in Britain, however, there may be small areas within the hard-water zone that contain soft water, and small areas within the soft- water zone that contain hard water.
One method that is commonly used to counter-act the threat of hard water in your system is using a water softener. Water softeners play an integral role in the type of water that passes through your home, where the microscopic beads within the softener, stop all hard water materials, to leave the water soft and silky smooth.

Water softeners can have a number of benefits throughout your home;
• Extending the lifespan of your homes water appliances.
• Preventing a large amount of limescale build up.
• Will leave your skin and clothing softer after washing.
• Softer water takes less time to heat in your home, resulting in reduced monthly energy bills.
• Lastly, your plumbing system will be cleaner and would be able to run smoother where the softer water contains less deposits.

Maintaining your Water Softener

Water softeners can be quite a costly initially but are a necessary addition to your home water system if you have hard water. There are a few remedies that can be used to extend the longevity of your softener.
1. The first would be to use pure salt for the apparatus instead of rock salt, which can cause greater sedimentary build up. Even though rock salt is cheaper to purchase, pure salt would mean there would be less expenses in the future from breakages.
2. Only adding salt when the previous load has run out is important to maintaining a healthy water softener, and when this is done, it should only be filled two thirds full for maximum efficiency.
3. The resin bed should be cleaned once a year from all debris and salt build up, along with the control valve.
4. Lastly, you should try to ensure that the brine tank is cleaned once a year as well because even by using pure salt, there would still be contaminants being brought into the system.

Fixing your Water Softener

Even by taking the afore mentioned precautions, you might still find that your softener isn’t operating as efficiently as it should, but there are a couple of techniques that can be completed to get it back to the full operational capacity;
• Cleaning the brine tank thoroughly using soap and water. This is harder to accomplish if too much salt has been added to the system and if the salt has been added too frequently. This could form a crusty salt dome and would need to be broken up and deposited.
• Cleaning the resin tank injector by engaging the bypass to shut off any water passing through and relieving the water pressure, before removing caps on both sides of the head and cleaning thoroughly.

Both of our water softener brands BWT and Monarch are two of the most highly rated water softener producers in the UK.

The Monarch water softeners incorporate simplicity of style in a compact manner to produce the best free flow valve technology. The Monarch brand can also save you an abundance of money by operating with up to 56% less salt, yet still maintaining the same high efficiency rates. This in comparison to the BWT, whom are referred to as “Europe’s leading water company”, deliver perfectly clean, soft water, at a cheap rate whilst maintaining high efficiency throughout the water system.

Our high standard water softeners can all effectively leave your water as pure as possible and all come with at least a 2 year labour guarantee and a 5 year parts warranty at great prices. View our wide selection of Water softeners here.