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Oil Boilers

worcester oil boilers

Oil boilers use a stored supply of oil to generate heat or hot water within a property. They are popular for use in properties where there is no direct access to the mains gas grid.

We sell some of the most reliable and efficient oil boilers in the UK, from some of the UK's most recognisable and trusted brands such as Worcester Bosch and Grant. All our oil boilers are fully ErP compliant, leaving no doubts about the efficiency of your new heating system! Enjoy increased fuel efficiency and lower running costs with a new high A-Rated oil boiler.

With all the compatible accessories available on our website, you should be able to get everything you need as part of your new gas boiler installation.

Please note all boiler purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.

Boilers do not come with a flue, flues can be purchased separately here

What is an oil boiler?

Oil boilers require a stored supply of oil to generate heat or/and hot water and are popular for use in properties where there is no direct access to the main gas grid. The main difference between oil boilers to gas boilers is that you need an oil tank to store your oil and require your oil to be delivered. Oil boilers function in the same way as other fuel type boilers. Once the oil is set alight, a heat exchanger warms up the cold water from either your mains pipe or storage tank. The standard oil tank can heat a house for up to six to nine months.

Why do people choose oil over gas?

It is estimated there are around 4 million homes in the UK that do not have access to gas or electricity. A suitable alternative for people living in rural areas is to install an oil boiler. Oil boilers are one of the most cost-effective methods for home heating, although the price of fuel can fluctuate. So, what are the main reasons people choose oil over gas?


- Oil is widespread in places where natural gas isn’t readily available. Maybe you don’t have gas in your neighbourhood, or maybe your house isn’t connected to the gas grid. Although, with oil, availability is not an issue, if there is an oil provider nearby, you can get your oil delivered to you and stored within your oil tank.


- Oil boilers are the more ‘environmentally friendly option’, this is due to most companies now selling oil that is mixed with biodiesel. Oil mixed with biodiesel burns much cleaner than the traditional oil.


- Once you get your oil delivered to your storage tank, you don’t have to depend on anything else for your heating. You don’t need electricity or connection to a gas line. It’s a good choice for a back-up system because once you have the oil, you can heat your home.

Types of Oil Boilers

Oil boilers come in different variations, just like gas boilers, you have three options; combi, system or regular, all powered using oil.

Oil combi boilers

– A combi (or combination) boiler is both a highly efficient water heater and central heating unit. Oil combi boilers are a convenient choice for homes where space is limited as a combi supplies both heating and hot water within one compact unit and eliminates the need for installing a separate hot water cylinder or water tank.

Regular oil boilers

– Regular oil boilers provide the heat that is used as part of your central heating and hot water, which is stored in a separate cylinder. Regular boilers are popular for use in larger properties but can be found in traditional property types as well.

System oil boilers

– System oil boilers are a closed system which require a boiler and cylinder. Different to a regular boiler, system boilers take their water directly from the mains other than from a water tank.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil Boilers

Advantages Cost effective

– Oil is a truly efficient fuel, so you will get a good return on the money you pay to fill up your oil tank.


– Heating oil only ignites by an advanced system with an oil burner or furnace.


– Modern oil heating systems perform up to 95% efficiency or even higher.


– Annual heating costs for oil heat are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity.


Expensive to install

– If you’re looking to change your method of central heating and do not currently have an oil boiler installed, the process can be costly and disruptive.

Bold design

– As oil boilers require the oil to be stored in a tank, the tanks holding the oil are not the most appealing, especially if they are not placed underground.

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Please note all boiler and cylinder purchases must be made online and cannot be made via the customer service phone line.