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Power showers

A power shower can be a great way of improving your shower experience, while also quickly modernising your bathroom. Working similar to a mixer shower, a power shower mixes both hot and cold water together, then utilises an inbuilt electric pump to generate an invigorating high-pressure shower experience. Power showers are a great option for homes which only have a cold water feed or have a decreased water pressure.


With the added benefit of an extremely powerful shower experience, power showers are a popular choice for those seeking a relaxing or massaging shower. The powerful water jets can help to wash away the days stresses while also relaxing and soothing tense muscles.


Not sure if a power shower is the right type of shower for you? View our shower guide to find out more about the different types of showers available and which one is most suited to you and your property’s needs.


At Direct Heating Supplies we have a great section power showers from leading brands including Mira, Triton and Aqualisa. Look below to explore our full range of high quality power showers and find the right one for your home. Order your power shower today to receive free and fast delivery straight to your door on all orders over £50 plus VAT

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