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Radiator Valves

We sell a wide choice of high quality radiator valves from leading manufacturers at fantastic low prices. The radiator valves we sell are available in a variety of different styles and we have a selection of valve types (both angled & straight), allowing you to select the right valve for your radiators and central heating system.

Browse our selection of radiator valves and accessories online today to find the perfect one. Don’t forget all orders benefit from speedy delivery.

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Why Do I Need Radiator Valves?

Radiators require two valves to successfully work with one on each side of the radiator (except for electric radiators). One of the valves is used to balance the system and the other allows you to effectively control the temperature of your radiator.

Different types of valves

There are many different types of valves available to choose from. So how do you know which ones you need for your heating system? Below we explain the differences between the types of valves:


A TRV also known as a thermostatic radiator valve, most commonly works by containing a small wax plug. The plug expands and contracts depending on the immediate temperature. As the temperature rises the plug expands in size, closing off the valve. By using this mechanism a TRV can effectively self-regulate a maximum temperature by restricting the amount of water in the radiator.

Manual Valves

Similar to controlling a tap, a manual valve allows you to set the temperature of a radiator by adjusting the valve to either restrict or increase hot water flow to the radiator depending on your requirements. It is important to note that with a manual valve the temperature will not self-regulate and will need to be manually adjusted.

Lock Shields Valves

Lock shield valves are great for getting all radiators within a heating system to heat up at the same rate, so all rooms can pleasantly benefit from the same level of heat. Lock shield valves are used to balance radiators and to restrict the flow of hot water. By doing this the hot water is evenly distributed around the heating system.

Want to learn more about Radiator Valves and which ones you need for your heating system? Find out more in our handy radiator valve guide.