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Radiators & Towel Rails

At Direct Heating Supplies we sell a vast range of affordable radiators online from the UK's top radiator brands including Stelrad, Myson, Quinn & more. From standard radiators to towel rails and designer models, you’ll find something you love in our comprehensive range. 

For guidance on individual radiator delivery times, please check the delivery notes on each radiator product page.


We also stock a wide range of affordable radiator valves, allowing you to complete your installation quickly and conveniently.


A restocking charge of up to 25% will be applied to selected radiators returned surplus to requirement (unless goods are returned faulty when no restocking charge will apply).


Here’s Our Radiator selection below:


As you can see above, we have a wide range of cheap radiators available on our website each offering something a little bit different. With multiple radiator types, panel styles and a range of sizes available, we are bound to have something for you and your home.



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Confused about the different types of radiators? Take a look at our quick guide below before you buy.

Standard Radiators - This type of radiator is probably the most common found in conventional UK living rooms and bedrooms. Standard radiators are typically made of steel and consist of a series of convector fins which sit between 1-2 panels (depending on what you purchase). Working as part of a traditional wet central heating system, standard radiators are able to generate strong levels of heat efficiently.

Towel Rail Radiators - Commonly seen in bathrooms and occasionally kitchens, towel rails are typically longer and slimmer in size compared to standard radiators. Made with the intention to hang wet towels on them, it is possible to purchase towel rails for use in standard wet system installations as well as electrical towel rails that you can simply turn on and off when desired.

Column Radiators - Rather than relying on panels such as standard radiators to heat your home, column radiators feature thick steel columns which are able to emit stronger levels of heating, making them perfect for heating larger rooms and hallways. This more traditional look may remind you of the style of radiator seen in schools and more classical buildings.

Electric Radiators & Panel Heaters - If you want to fit a heating appliance in a room that is not connected to the rest of your central heating system, then an electric radiator is what you’ll need. With electric radiators, you simply wire them to an electrical supply like any other electrical appliance in your home and from there, it’s just a matter of turning them on and off as required.

Designer Radiators - Looking to add a touch of style and glamour to your property? Designer radiators can give you just that. A lot of the UKs top manufacturers have produced a range of visually impressive radiators that can provide you with the heat you require and also act as a prominent design feature in your home.

Traditional Radiators - With ornate curves for a more classical appeal, traditional radiators are great feature pieces for more traditional properties while also providing you with plenty of heat for your home.

The majority of our radiators come complete with a manufacturers warranties included at no extra cost, ensuring you are covered in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong. Please the warranty notes on each radiator product page for warranty details and cover.

If you want to find out more about the radiators we have available or have any questions before you make your purchase, contact our Customer Support team on 0800 181 4488.

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