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Our extensive range of bathroom showers are of the finest quality and can add a touch of class to your bathroom. From the UK’s top bathroom manufacturers including Tritan, Aqualisa and Mira you can take advantage of a wide selection of makes and models to suit your bathroom and personal preferences. View our shower guide to find out more about the shower you need for your property. Order your new shower unit today from Direct Heating Supplies and be eligible for free delivery if your order is over £50 exc vat.

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At Direct Heating Supplies, we know it can be difficult choosing a shower unit which covers all of your requirements. From sizing, finish, colour and water pressure. We aim to provide our customers with as much information as possible when it comes to purchasing a new shower unit. Therefore, we have put together an overview of all the types of showers we have available here at Direct Heating Supplies. From the UK’s top bathroom manufacturers such as Triton, Mira and Grohe, you have freedom of choice when making your purchase for a new shower at a fantastically low price. Read on below to see which shower is best suited to your needs.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are seen as the ‘go-to’ for households where the boiler or hot water cylinder is in short supply. This is because electric showers have an internal heating element and can therefore use water from a cold water supply and warm it up as you shower. Electric showers can be used in any home regardless of the plumbing system. One of the main features of an electric shower which is highly desirable is the constant supply of hot water, even if your boiler happens to break down or you run out of hot water, an electric shower will still be able to supply you with hot water from its internal heating elements. At Direct Heating Supplies we supply a vast range of durable and robust electric showers, see our full range here.

Mixer Showers

A mixer showers operates with a supply of both cold and hot water. Mixer showers mix existing hot and cold water within a valve before distributing it to the shower head where it is then released at a flow rate much stronger than most electric showers dependant on the pressure of your water system. Mixer showers are a popular choice amongst users who enjoy a variety of temperatures as it gives you fine control over your desired temperature. Thinking of purchasing a mixer shower? Take a look at our extensive range here.

Digital Showers

Unlike traditional showers, digital showers comprise of innovative features such as a digital thermostat built within the shower unit itself. The digital thermostat is used to control the temperature, as well as the flow rate of the shower via a separate remote control which can be located either within your shower or elsewhere in your bathroom. Integrating the latest intelligible technology, the remote interacts with the shower unit either via a cable or wirelessly. One of the utmost iconic features of most digital showers is the ability to pre-programme the showers temperature in just a touch of a button. Other smart features of most digital showers also include touchscreen and colour coded displays. Are you thinking of upgrading your traditional shower unit to a more smart and modern system? See our comprehensive range of digital showers at amazingly low prices here.

Power Showers

Power showers are a perfect solution if water pressure is a problem within your household. Power showers work by sourcing water from either your mains cold water or pre-heated water from your boiler. Power showers are mostly compared to electric showers as they consist of similar features. The key difference is that a power shower comes complete with a pump. In order to have a power shower installed, you will require the installation of a pump somewhere within your plumbing system in order to feed the shower with pressurised water. Do you struggle with low water pressure within your home? A power shower may be the solution for you. View our range of power showers at great affordable prices here.

Order your new shower unit today at an affordable price from Direct Heating Supplies and be eligible for free delivery if your order is over £50 exc vat.