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Stelrad Compact Radiators

Stelrad Compact radiators

Stelrad Compact Radiators are one of the most popular ranges of radiators available in the UK. With over 200 different sizes and types, there should be something in Stelrad's extensive range that meets your requirements. 

  • Heights: 300mm to 700mm
  • Widths: 400mm to 2000mm
  • Output Range: 647 to 20073 BTU/hr
  • Types Available: K1, P+, K2, K3
  • Warranty: 10 Years

The tight, rigid shape of the Stelrad Compact radiators frame has been designed to eradicate any movement for a sturdier build when compared to other radiators available.

Buy one of our Stelrad Compact radiators from Direct Heating Supplies today to enjoy amazing low prices and speedy delivery within 5 - 10 working days as standard.

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Need help choosing your Stelrad Compact Radiators?

With a staggering array of choice in the Stelrad Compact Radiator range, it is easy to get a bit confused about the different options on offer. This guide looks to make this process a tad easier by providing further information about the different options open to you.

Size guide

The Stelrad Compact range comes in a variety of different sizes with radiators available between 300mm to 700mm in height and 400mm to 3000mm in width. This gives you an extensive choice of options, making it easier to find the model you need in the Stelrad Compact radiator range that connect seamlessly into your existing pipework setup and fit in the space available.

All the radiator products on the Direct Heating Supplies website are listed with the height measurement mentioned in the product name first. This is followed by the width measurement of the radiator. So for example, if a radiator is listed as 500 x 800, this means that it is 500mm in height and 800mm in width

Panel style guide

The amount of heat generated by a radiator is measured in BTUs. The BTU output of a radiator will differ depending on the size of the radiator and the panel style. If you are in any doubt about the BTU level you require for your room, a heating engineer will be able to calculate this for you.

The Stelrad Compact Radiator range is currently available in 4 different panel styles. More details on each of these is provided below:

K1 - refers to Stelrad Compact radiators with 1 single front panel and 1 set of convector fins behind this (used to retain heat). K1 radiators will not emit as much heat as radiators of an equivalent size with more panels and convectors (e.g. K2, K3, P+).

K2 - refers to Stelrad Compact radiators with a front and back panel and with 2 sets of convector fins behind this. K2 radiators are able to produce and retain more heat than the equivalent size of K1 and P+ Stelrad Compact radiator, but are not as powerful as K3 radiators of the same size.

P+ - refers to Stelrad Compact radiators with a front and back panel and 1 set of convector fins behind this. P+ Stelrad Compact models are able to produce and retain more heat than the equivalent size of K1 radiators but not as much as K2 or K3 Stelrad Compact radiators.

K3 - refers to Stelrad Compact radiators with 3 panels (1 in the front, middle and back) and 3 sets of convector fins. K3 radiators are able to produce and retain more heat than any other radiator panel style and as such emit a greater BTU level than any other radiator of of equivalent size in the Stelrad Compact range.