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Stelrad Radiators

stelrad Stelrad is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of great quality domestic and commercial radiators. The Stelrad brand is well known for their excellent quality, build and efficiency ratings.

At Direct Heating Supplies we stock an extensive range of Stelrad radiators, so you can select from a multitude of different styles as well as a large selection of different sizes and panel types. No matter on your installation you’re bound to find the perfect radiator which meets your requirements. Stelrad currently feature six unique types of Vita radiators in multiple sizes and variations, starting from the more basic radiator for more traditional installations all the way to the exceptionally luxurious for those homes which need a little something extra.

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What Is The Difference Between The Stelrad Radiators?

With so many different ranges of Stelrad radiators available to choose from, we appreciate that it can be a little bit confusing trying to identify exactly which one best suits your requirements - that's why we have put together the following list which outlines the key characteristics of each of the different Stelrad radiator ranges.

Compact: As the name suggests, the Stelrad Compact radiator models have a solid slimline build and come with grilles, making it incredibly popular for those who want an efficient radiator but only have a limited amount of space. The Stelrad Compact models are the most popular Stelrad model in the UK and are available in 4 panel styles; K1, K2, K3 and P+. What's the different between the Stelrad Compact Radiators and the Stelrad Vita Compact radiators? Not a lot really! Both are built to the same build spec but design and prices may vary.

Planar:a stylish slimline radiator but with a smooth front panel, Stelrad Planar radiators are a popular choice for those wanting a more contemporary look. The Stelrad Planar models are available in both K1 and K2 panel styles.

Softline: The Stelrad Softline radiators are compact and come with a stylish curved top grille and end panel design. The Stelrad Softline models are available in both K1, K2 and P+ panel styles.

Value: Being Stelrad’s entry level radiator model, the Vita Value series offers a fantastic choice of economical radiators available with K1, K2 and P+ panel styles. The Vita Value series offers exceptional performance while helping to keep prices low, if that isn’t enough all Vita Value radiators include a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Eco:Built with efficiency and low energy consumption in mind, the Stelrad Eco Radiator range can make better use of the heat energy that is produced. This can help you to save up to 10.5% on your fuel bills. The Stelrad Eco models are available in a range of sizes and in either K1 or K2 panels.

Elite: The Elite model is a solid steel radiator that offers the highest BTU output across the Stelrad range and is also the slimmest double panel radiator available. The Stelrad Elite models are available with either K1, K2 or P+ panels and in a great selection of sizes.