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Stelrad Softline Radiators

Stelrad Softline Radiators

Stelrad Softline Radiators typically feature curvaceous panels and grilles to give a soft and smooth look.
The Compact Softline Radiator range has been designed to give you a more 'premium' look when compared to alternative models such as the Stelrad Compact radiators

  • Heights: 300mm to 700mm
  • Widths: 400mm to 2000mm
  • Outputs Range: 255 to 3922 watts, or 870 to 13382 BTU/hr
  • Types Available: K1, P+, K2
  • Warranty: 10- 15 Years

With the variety of sizes available there is sure to be a Stelrad Softline Radiator in a size that suits your needs.

Enjoy the cheapest online prices when you order from Direct Heating Supplies.

A restocking charge of up to 25% will be applied to selected radiators returned surplus to requirement (unless goods are returned faulty when no restocking charge will apply).

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Need help choosing your Stelrad Softline Radiators?

There are a massive selection of radiators available within the Stelrad Softline Radiator back catalog and as ever, with great choice often comes tough decisions. We have looked to make the process of selecting the radiators you need a whole lot easier by putting together this quick how-to guide.

Size guide

The Stelrad Softline range comes in a variety of different sizes with radiators available between 300mm to 700mm in height and 400mm to 2000mm in width. This large offering of radiators sizes should make it a lot easier to find a radiator in the Stelrad Softline radiator range that will connect neatly with any pre-existing pipework in your home and also fill the available wall space in the property.

All the radiator products on the Direct Heating Supplies website are listed with the height measurement mentioned in the product name first. This is followed by the width measurement of the radiator. So for example, if a radiator is listed as 500 x 800, this means that it is 500mm in height and 800mm in width

Panel style guide

The amount of heat generated by a radiator is measured in BTU and differs according to the the panel style type and the dimensions of the radiator. If you do not know what level of heat energy or BTU you require for the room then please consult a qualified heating engineer as they will be able to work this out for you.

The Stelrad Softline Radiator range is currently available in 4 different panel styles. More details on each of these is provided below:

K1 - refers to Stelrad Softline radiators with 1 single front panel and 1 set of convector fins behind this (used to retain heat). K1 radiators will not emit as much heat as radiators of an equivalent size with more panels and convectors (e.g. K2 and P+).

P+ - refers to Stelrad Softline radiators with a front and back panel and 1 set of convector fins behind this. P+ Stelrad Softline models are able to produce and retain more heat than the equivalent size of K1 radiators but not as much as the K2 Stelrad Softline radiators.

K2 - refers to Stelrad Softline radiators with a front and back panel and with 2 sets of convector fins behind this. K2 radiators are able to produce and retain more heat than the equivalent size of K1 and P+ Stelrad Softline radiator and as such are the most powerful type of radiator in the Softline series.